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CACUSS Conference Program

2015 CACUSS Presenters

Concurrent Session 1

102: Developing Community-Driven (& Community-Impacting) Trainings: Mitchell Miller (Student Life Coordinator) & Amanda Unruh (Health Promotion Coordinator) (McGill University)

103: Alcohol Strategies For All!: Ryan Flannagan (Director of Student Affairs)(Carleton University)

105: Road from Ryerson-A New Pathway for Graduating Student Transition Support (Ryerson University) 

106: The Hi-F.I.V.E Campaign: Health & Counselling Services (Simon Fraser University)

108: Housing Master Plans 101: Tracey Mason-Innes (Director Residence and Housing, Simon Fraser University), Nancy Johnson (Executive Director & Student Affairds, Simon Fraser University), Buddy Hall, ASLAl (Principal, Hanbury Evans)

110: Early Alert Unplugged: A Systematic Approach for Building Campus Capacity to Support Student Wellbeing and Success: Joanne Elliott (Case Manager), Ryan Holliday (Case Manager), Patty Hambler (Associate Director Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects), (University of British Columbia)

113: Redefining Community Development: Liza Arnason (Director, Student Life and International Student Centre) & Patience Adamu (Coordinator, Community Engagement Programs) (University of Toronto)

114: Modeling Learning and Community: Raising Awareness of Learning Stratagies for Inclusiveness- Dr. Sandra Moffat and Dr. Susan Hopkirk (Learning Strategists)

115: Community Animation: Enabling and Facilitating Community Building on Campus: Jolanta Lekich (Program Director, Global Campus Initiatives), Gloria Eid (Program Lead, Jump Start), Eve Court (Program Advisor, Global Campus Initiatives) (University of British Columbia)

117: Storientations: Neil Buddel (PhD, Dean of Students), Centennial College

119:Conceptualizing a Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum: From Conception to Launch: Katie Felton (Consultant, Campus Labs), Amber Scholtens (Student Leadership & Engagement Coordinator, Brock University), Bradley Clarke (Director, Student Life and Community Experience, Brock University)

Concurrent Session 2

202: Making the Most of Our Community: A Holistic Approach to Understanding Student Success: University of British Columbia

207: Situating Career Services at the Heart of Strategic Enrolment Management: Dr. Nancy Johnson & Mr. Tony Botelho (Simon Fraser University)

208: Wellness Alert in Residence: A Systemic Approach to Managing Disease in Residence: Kevin Friese (Executive Director, University Wellness Services University of Alberta) & Marianne Mantyla (Project Manager, TelASK Technologies Inc.)

213: Developing a Culturally Competent Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support at the University of Sydney: Tanya Griffiths (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Support Coordinator) & Ana Munro (Manager, Student Transition and Retention) (The University of Sydney)

214: Alternate Formats 101: Tara Robertson (CAPER-BC) & Heidi Nygard (Access and Diversity, Crane Library, University of British Columbia)

216: Solving the Mature Student Retention Conundrum: Brain Poser (Atkinson Centre for Mature and Part-time Students, York University)

217: Responding to Changing and Meeting Needs: Transferring the Guide to First Year to Electronic Form: Kelly Knight (Academic Advising) (Memorial University)

218: Admitting the Whole Student: Insights on the Institutional and Student Impact From UBC's Use of an Applicant Personal Profile in the Undergraduate Admission Process: Natalie Hargott & Andrew Arida (YBC Enrolment Services) (University of British Columbia)

219: Volunteers are Not Free Labour: Mannix Chan (M.A. Candidate, Leadership Studies, University of Victoria) & Scott Dempsey (Director, Student Experience Centre, University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

221: The Canoe of Life Model of PLA Indigenous Portfolio Development: Janet Sinclair (Tutchone Nation, Aboriginal Transition Advisor), Ivy Richardson (Nuxalk & Gusgimukw Nation, VIU Student), Tania Smethurst (Indigenous Portfolio Coordinator, Office of Aboriginal Education), Richard Charlie (Cowichan Nation, VIU Student)

Concurrent Session 3

303: Understanding Bystander Efficacy and Male Hesitancy Towards Dating Violence Prevention Programs in a Post-Secondary Setting: Alysha Cooper (B.A.), Patricia Kostouros (Phl), Nancy Ogden (Phl) & Royal University in Calgary, Alberta

305: Addressing Cyberbullying in the Campus Community: Creating a Safe and Kind Cyberspace for Universities: Wanda Cassidy, Margaret Jackson & Chantal Faucher (Simon Fraser University), Natalie Sharpe (University of Alberta) & Lida Blizard (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)

307: The Role of a Campus-Wide Advising Conference in Building a Community of Practice at UBC: Darran Fernandez (Associate Registrar, Student Support and Advising-Enrolment Services), Susanne Goodison (Associate Director, Arts Academic Advising-Faculty of Arts), Michelle Mallette (Director, Student Academic Services-Faculty of Science) & Carol Naylor (Associate Director Strategic Initiatives & Special Projects-VP, Students) (University of British Columbia)

311: Meeting the Needs of the Whole Student: A Dynamic Delivery Model for Counselling Services: Linda Mackay, Christine Tauer Martin (Counselling Services University of Waterloo) & Mohsan Beg (Counselling Services University of Windsor)

314: Self-Compassion Oriented Resilience Building: Megan Pinfield (MA RCC, PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University), Lauren O'Keefe (BA MCP, Art Therapy Candidate, Adler University) & Craig Lee (BA MCP, Art Therapy Candidate, Adler University)

315: Advising as a Learning "HUB": Dr. Linda Pardy (University of the Fraser Valley)

317: Anti-Oppressive Practice: Christina Meredith and Sarah Hunter

320: Ethical Decision Making for Professionals Working in Post-Secondary Institutions: Emily Drew (Registered Sign Language Interpreter), Nigel Scott (Interpreting Services Supervisor) & Tanny Marks (Arbiter of Student Issues) (Vancouver Community College)

Concurrent Session 4

404: Whole Campus, Whole Student, Whole Student Organization: Kristen Wallace (Student Life Coordinator Campus Organizations) (University of Toronto)

405: Changing the Landscape for Student Mental Health: The Case of the Mobile Mental Health Team: Louisa Drost (Mohawk College) & Su-Ting Teo (Ryerson University)

409: See Me for Who I Am: Responding to the Interconnected Needs of International & Recent Immigration Adult Students Through Cross-Departmental Collaboration: Wincy Li (Ryerson University) & Christian Noumi (OISE, University of Toronto)

410: Whole Lotta Change: Changing Orientation for a Changing World: Chelsea Butchart (Manager, New Student Programing) (Simon Fraser University)

411: Fostering Inclusivity: Investigating the Unique Factors Influencing the Retention of Mature University Students: Victoria Fritz, Dr. Tricia van Rhijn, Dr. Donna Lero, Anna Dawczyk, Sandra Pericak, Jennifer Closs (University of Guelph)

412: Standards of Practice for Disability Service Professionals: Boris Vukovic, Somei Tam and Bruce Hamm

414: Engaging the Whole Campus: Addressing the Diverse Needs of OFF Campus Students ON Campus Through Conversation and Collaboration: Cristina Peter (Assistant Dean, Campus Life) (University of Toronto)

419: Mentoring Connection: Redefining Mentoring as a Holistic Community Approach to Sharing Knowledge and Building Networks: Margaret Colton and Penny Kaill-Vinish (Office of the Dean of Students) (McGill University)

420: Mental Health Nurse Pilot Project at SFU: Adding Value to the Community: Tammy Blackwell (Registered Nurse/Manager Clinical Health Services) & Sheryl Zentner (Mental Health Nurse)(Simon Fraser University)

Concurrent Session 5

502: Embracing the Unknown: Jane Lee & Kelin Flanagan (University of Alberta Student's Union)

504: Making Meaning of Student Leadership: David Ip Yam, Catherine Salole & Sandra Yu (York


505: Holistic Student Support: A Review of UBC Enrolment Services' Generalist Advising Model: Darran Fernandez & Matthew Isherwood (The University of British Columbia)

506: Student Residence & Accessibility: Current Trends, Best Practice, and Hot Topics: Karla Gouthro & Sarah Knitter (The University of British Columbia)

508: Post-Secondary Case Management: Reviewing Models and Approaches to Case Management in Canadian Colleges and Universities: Anh Brown (Western University), Karyn Baker Greg Taylor (Georgian College), Joanne Elliott (University of British Columbia), Michelle Delrish (Centennial College), Jodie Schoenbeck (University of Manitoba) & Shawna Bava (University of Calgary)

510: Get Involved With and Help Shape CACUSS Communications: Mitchell Miller (Editor and Committee Chair) (CACUSS)

516: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Creating and Managing In-House Creative Agencies: Bailey Parnell, Donica Willis, Hamza Khan, Lucas Gobert, Tesni Ellis & Troy Murray

517: Home Away From Home: The Importance of Creating Intentional Communities for Out of Province Students: Aanchal Ralhan (Third Year, Western Scholars, Health Studies Torbay, Newfoundland), Nicole Paviglianiti (Third Year, Scholar's Electives Student, BHSc Calgary, Alberta) & Leslie Gloor Duncan (Manager, Transition, Leadership and Enrichment Programs) (The Student Success Centre)

 Concurrent Session 6

601: Student Staff Wellness: Ensuring Wellness is Priority #1: Brandon Smith (Residence Life and Education Coordinator) & Ian Crookshank (Director, Housing and Residence Life) (Ryerson University)

602: Incoming Student Transitions-Using the Summer Months: Melanie Koenderman (Dean of Student) (Quest University Canada)

603: Breaking Down Barriers: Examining Access to Policies and Programs for Mature Post-Secondary Students: Dr. Tricia van Rhijn, Dr. Donna Lero, Jaqueline de Guzman & Caitlyn Osborne (University of Guelph)

607: Club Hubs (Not Fight Clubs): Fostering Collaboration and CCR Recognition with Campus Organizations: Kimberly Elias (Student Life Coordinator), Kristen Wallace & Adam Kuhn (University of Toronto)

613: Systemic Change at the University of Manitoba: Implementing the Recommendations of the "Cooper Commission" Report on Accessibility and Accommodations: Brandy Usick (Director, Student Advocacy and Accessibility), Carolyn Christie (Coordinator, Student Accessibility Services) & Laurie Anne Vermette (Faculty Specialist, Educational Innovation The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning) (University of Manitoba)

614: Does Higher Educational Support the Integration of People with Disabilities in Canadian Society?: Clarke Wilson (PhD, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, School of Urban and Regional Planning), Mary Ann McColl (PhD, Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, School of Rehabilitation Therapy) & Jeanette Parsons (MSc. MPA, School of Rehabilitation Therapy Queen's Student Accessibility Services) (Queens University)

615: Creating Settings and Supports that Promote Wellbeing and Social Inclusion of International Graduate Students: Launch of the Graduate International Mentorship Program: Karin Kosarzova (M.Ed.) (Simon Frazer University)

616: Speaking Your Language: Supporting International Students' Mental Health: Nicole Kelly (Committe Member/International Transition Advisor, University of Toronto) & Abu Arif (Project Co-ordinator/Co-ordinator of International Student Services, Ryerson University)

618: From Cycle to Circle: Indigenous Ways of Knowing and the Assessment Cycle: Lisa Endersby (Assessment Consultant), Jill Thompson (UOIT Indigenous Cultural Advisor) Jill Pigeau-Treen (UOIT Student Development Specialist-Indigenous Programming), Kelsey Shawera (UOIT Indigenous Program Assistant) & Marissa George (UOIT Indigenous Programs Assistant) (University of Ontario Institute of Technology)

620: Under the Radar: Identifying and Supporting University Students with a Histor of Undiagnosed Reading Difficulties: Bradley Bergey, Annie Laroche & Helene Deacon (Dalhousie University)

 Concurrent Session 7 

701: UR Guarantee Program: Naomi Deren (Manager, Student Success Center) (University of Regina)

706: Leadership Identity Development of Supplemental Instruction Leaders: A Case Study: Tracy Mason-Innes (Director, Residence and Housing) (Simon Fraser University)

714: “Digital Communications – not a ‘like to have’ anymore.”: Michael Ferguson (Digital Communications Coordinator, Humber College), Jill Charnaw-Burger (Assistant Director,  Student Life and Leadership, New College), Kaitlin Klass (Communications Officer, New College), Hamza Khan (Coordinator, Creative Unit, Student Life, Ryerson University), Bailey Parnell (Digital Marketing Assistant, Ryerson University) 

715: Online and Blended Training for Student/Staff Volunteers: Brock Richardson (Assistant Dean of Students-Residence Life, University of Alberta)

718: Destination Collaboration: Launching a New Student Peer Support Program: Alisha Chauhan (Surrey Peer Support Coordinator), Jennifer Lingbaoan (Richmond Peer Support Coordinator), Rehana Campbell (Peer Support Volunteer) & Susan Vincent (Counsellor at Kwantlen Polytechnic University) (Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Kwantlen Student Association)

Concurrent Session 8

801: Service Assessment Tool for Post-Secondary Student Mental Health: How to Start the Community Collaborations: Su-Ting Teo (Ryerson University), Cheryl Washburn (University of British Columbia), Meg Houghton (Humber College) & John Meissner (Carleton University)

802: What's In It For Me?: Engaging Students Who Don't (Seem To) Give A Crap: Freeman Woolnough (Counsellor) Carmen Law (Residence Life Coordinator) (Queens University)

806: #RoadToCACUSS: A Transformational Journey Across Canada and the United States: Brandon Smith (Residence Life and Education Coordinator, Ryerson University), Hamza Khan (Coordinator, Student Affairs Creative, Ryerson University), Jen Gonzales (Director, Student Life, Ryerson University), Kaitlyn Taylor-Asquini (Leadership Development Facilitator, Ryerson University), Nicholas Asquini (Varsity Coordinator) & Troy Murray (Sponsorship and Fundraising Officer)

808: What's Stopping You?: Michele Matthews (Director), Farbod Moheb Khosravi (Demonstrator), David MacKenzie (Director) (Speed Badminton Canada)

809: PLAN: Post-Secondary Links to Academic Navigation: Candice Kavanagh and Amanda Bettencourt (Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities)

812: Resilience: Implications for Post-Secondary Students Diagnosed with AD/HD: Mirjam Knapik (Ph.D., R. Psych., Mount Royal University)

816: Avoiding the Morning News...Developing a Whole-Campus Misconduct Prevention Strategy: Nona Robinson (Associate Vice President Students) & Barry Townshend (Director of Colleges) (Trent University)

820: Supporting Student Staff: Fostering Personal Development for a Post-Graduate Life: Leah McCormack-Smith (University of Toronto)

821: Restorative Justice & Student Services: Whole Campus-Whole Student: Dr. Brenda Morrison (Professor, Simon Fraser University)

Concurrent Session 9

904: Career Development for Graduate Students: A Tailored Approach: Ferzeen Sammy (M.Ed., Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto)

906: Whole-Systems Thinking and Design: Engaging Internal and External Community Consultants to Enrich Student Life Programs and Services: Valeria Cortes, Ian Simmie & Sarah Manolson 

907: Indigenous Students Experiences in PSE: Anthony Isaac (UWO Alumni)

909: Paws for Mental Health Awareness: Jessica Charbonneau (Colorado State University), Greg Hum (Campus Living Centers) & Stephanie Muehlethaler (Campus Living Centers)

912: The Balancing Act: Revising Policy and Procedures to Respond to Mental Health Concerns Among Student Staff: Lindsay Winger (Associate Director of Residence Life, University of Guelph)

914: Clients' Experiences of Yoga-Integrated Counselling: Implications for Higher Education Settings: Samantha Beveridge (BSc, MA Student, UBC Counselling Psychology Master's Program) Dr. Marla Buchanan (Principal Investigator)

915: Who You Are Matters: Career and Life Clarification Game: Laurie Detwiler (Counsellor) & Izgy Gocer (Counsellor) (Kwantlen Polytechnic University)

 Concurrent Session 10

1005: Stepping Up: Reducing Dating Violence on Post-Secondary Campuses: Patricia Kostouros (PhD, RPsych), Alex Christison (B.A.), Alysha Cooper (B.A) (Mount Royal University)

1006: Washroom Inclusivity Project: Allison Burgess (Sexual & Gender Diversity Officer), Scott Clarke (Program Coordinator, Sexual & Gender Diversity Office), Richard Chambers (Director, Multi-Faith Centre) and Kaye Francis (Manaer, Family Care Office) (University of Toronto)

1007: Building Whole Communities Through Building Happiness: Sonya Flessati (Associate Professor/ Counsellor) & Mirjam Knapik (Assistant Professor/ Counselllor) (Mount Royal University)

1009: Taking Action On Mental Wellness: A Whole-Hearted Approach to Creating a Mentally Healthy Campus: Natalie Roach (M.Ed., Campus Mental Health Facilitator) & Don Stewart (Ph.D., C.Psych, Exectutive Director, Student Support) (University of Manitoba)

1012: Establishing Effective Relationships Between Chaplains and The Institution: Considerations for Developing Memorandums of Understanding: Victor Thomas (Director and Head Chaplain), SFU Interfaith Centre and Adriana Tulissi (Community Engagement Manager), Su Wellness Centre, University of Calgary

1013: Bridging the Gap from Hospital to School for Students with Mental Health Concerns: Andrea Levinson (Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Wellness, University of Toronto), Janine Robb (Executive Director, Health and Wellness, University of Toronto), & Su-Ting Teo (Director of Student Health and Wellness, Ryerson University)

1014: The Head, Heart and Hands of Higher Education: Through the Lens of Student Transition: Lindsay Morris (Head of Lady Eaton College), Lindy Garneau (Head of Gzowski College) & Ashley Wall (Head of Otonabee College)

1017: The Question of Transformation: Jimi Bursaw (Queensland University of Technology)

1018: Build Them and They Will Come: Developing Successful Group Programming: Erika Horwitz (Associate Director Counselling) & Dylan LeRoy (Mental Health Intake Counsellor) (Simon Fraser University) 

1019: Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy: Counselling College and University Students From The Bottom Up: Wendy Belter (Kwantlen Polytechnic University) & Nzula Tavormina (University of British Columbia)

1020: Whole Campus, Whole Residence, Whole Student: Sarah Burley (Assistant Dean, University of Toronto)

1021: Whole Campus, Diverse Communities: Student Promotion of Intercultural Understanding: CJ Rowe, Peter Wanyenya & Hedda Hakvag (University of British Columbia)

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