Introduction to SASA

The Student Affairs and Services Association welcomes its members from a broad range of student services professions. This diversity of membership offers an important opportunity for the sharing of information and experience in many fields.


SASA shall encourage promote, enhance and recognize the growth and development of its members and the student services profession.


  • To retain and develop membership in SASA to ensure stability and growth in the division.
  • To develop and enhance effective means of communication to the membership.
  • To provide members of SASA with opportunities for professional development.
  • to provide opportunities for friendships, participation and sharing among members and with others in the profession.
  • To identify the current professional needs and interests of the membership.
  • To encourage mutual sharing and exchange in the profession of student services.
  • To develop and implement evaluation instruments to quantify the workings of SASA and its professionals.
  • To recognize and reward high quality contributions and research.
  • To effectively market the benefits and services of SASA.
  • To actively engage in research and development in Student Services/Affairs for the enhancement of individuals, students and programs.
  • To serve as an information resource to the CACUSS Executive in support of the Association’s efforts to address issues affecting student ’s and Student Services/Affairs; further, to communicate these issues to our divisional members.
  • To develop and maintain liaison with other divisions in CACUSS and with the CACUSS Executive in order to contribute to the overall development of the student services profession.

Membership Services

Guided by these goals, the Executives of SASA have endeavoured to develop programs and services that can be of direct benefit to the SASA membership. Some of the initiatives that have been undertaken include:

  • Enhanced Conference Programming. The SASA Executive has taken an active role with the Conference Program Committee, in identifying and encouraging conference presentations that are relevant to SASA members.
  • SASA Awards and Grants. As part of its continuing policy to enhance professional development and recognize accomplishments by members, SASA provides the following awards and grants:
    1. Student Affairs Recognition Award
    2. Program/Service of the Year Award
    3. Incentive Grants
    4. Conference Awards
    5. Student Leadership Award
    6. Award of Accomplishment
  • Resource Directory / Clearinghouse. SASA compiles, maintains and distributes to members current Canadian resources in the areas of Student Affairs and services through the SASA Clearinghouse which is maintained at Memorial University of Newfoundland.
  • Internet Resources. The Association’s web site at
  • Job Inventory. The Canadian Student Affairs and Services Job Inventory is an Internet-based career development tool for new and continuing student affairs professionals. The inventory provides an easy-to-complete standardized web form for employers to post jobs and user-friendly access to view positions posted at the CACUSS site (

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