Constitution and By-Laws


October 2007


The Division hereby established shall be known as the Canadian Academic Integrity and Student Judicial Affairs of the CANADIAN ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY STUDENT SERVICES, hereinafter called the DIVISION.


The principal purpose of the DIVISION shall be to bring together academic integrity and student judicial affairs personnel from related student service areas to discuss areas of mutual concern, especially those outlined in the ASSOCIATION's Constitution. The DIVISION shall contribute to the professional activity and growth of persons engaged in student affairs work.


  1. To hold membership to the DIVISION, one must maintain individually or institutionally membership in the ASSOCIATION.
  2. Membership in the DIVISION shall be of one type: individual.
  3. Any person shall be eligible for membership who earns his/her living in a university or college and who devotes a significant part of his/her time in the area of Academic Integrity or Student Judicial Affairs.


The officers of the DIVISION shall be as set forth in the By-laws.


The membership fee and other financial obligations shall be as prescribed in the By-laws.


  1. There shall be an Annual Meeting of the DIVISION. Other meetings may be called at the discretion of the Officers of the DIVISION or as prescribed in the By-laws.
  2. Place and quorum of meetings shall be as specified in the By-laws.


Committees and Commissions may be formed as the affairs of the DIVISION make them necessary or advisable. The conditions under which these Committees and Commissions may be formed and shall function shall be as specified in the By-laws.


The English and French languages shall be the official languages of the DIVISION.


The DIVISION shall have the authority to adopt or amend its By-laws. The By-law or amendment of a By-law shall take effect immediately when adopted or amended by the DIVISION, providing it is in compliance with the Constitution.


The DIVISION may, at its Annual Meeting, by affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present, adopt such amendments to this Constitution as it deems necessary for the management of the affairs of the DIVISION, provided that notice of motion is given to the membership in writing at least thirty days before the Annual Meeting at which the amendment is proposed.



  1. Membership in the Division shall be of one type, individual.
    1. Full Members
      Full members shall be those persons who earn their living in a recognized post- secondary institution and who devote a significant part of their time to the area of Academic Integrity or Student Judicial Affairs.
    2. Student Membership
      Student members shall be persons who have an active interest in the area of Academic Integrity or Student Judicial Affairs and are enrolled in a recognized post-secondary institution. Student members shall not be eligible to vote, nominate candidates for office or hold office.
  2. Procedure
    Any person desiring to become a member of the DIVISION shall make application to the officers, who shall notify the applicant of the action taken on his application. A person shall become a member of the DIVISION upon his election to membership and the payment of his dues.
  3. Membership in Good Standing
    Members must pay their annual dues and must maintain their membership in CACUSS. A member in good standing shall be entitled to attend meetings of the Association, to vote and shall be eligible to hold office in the Association, with the exception as identified in article 2(a) (ii).
  4. Membership Fees
    The DIVISION may have a fee structure for different categories of members. Annual divisional fees for members and any change in fee structure must be approved by a majority vote of the membership at its annual meeting, providing written notice of the proposed change has been given to the membership at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting.


  1. Composition
    The officers of the DIVISION shall be the Past-President or President-Elect, President, Secretary/Treasurer, four regional representatives - Atlantic (Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island), East (Quebec, Ontario), Central (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, N.W.T., Nunavut), and West (Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon).
  2. Powers and Functions
    1. To establish policies to govern the affairs of the DIVISION.
    2. To exercise such other powers and function as may be necessary or desirable in the best interests of the DIVISION and the ASSOCIATION not in conflict with the Constitution and the By-laws of the DIVISIONS and/or the ASSOCIATION.
    3. To recognize and address the needs and concerns of interest groups within the DIVISION when it is deemed advisable and in the best interest of the membership.
  3. Meetings of Officers
    1. The Executive Committee (Past-President or President-Elect, President, Secretary/Treasurer) and the regional representatives shall meet twice a year, one of these meetings to be held at or immediately following the annual CACUSS conference.
    2. The Executive Committee shall meet when necessary throughout the year.
    3. The Officers shall meet upon the call of the President or a majority of the Officers.
    4. Quorum at meetings of the Officers and the Executive Committee shall be one-half plus one of the respective members.


  1. Nomination and Election of Officers
    1. Nominations
      Nominations shall be solicited from the membership to be placed on an election ballot for President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, and Regional Representatives. When voting for Regional Representatives to the executive of the DIVISION, only members from the region are permitted to vote for said Regional Representative. Nominees for the positions of Regional Representative must be residents in the region at the time of nomination and election. Consent of the nominee must be obtained in advance of the nomination being formally submitted.
    2. Elections
      1. The election of officers shall be conducted prior to the annual meeting by secret ballot mailed to the individual members of the DIVISION.
      2. In the event that only one candidate is nominated for an officer position, said candidate will acclaim the position and no secret ballot will be required.
      3. In the event that no candidates are nominated for an officer position before the adjournment of the annual meeting, the Officers of the DIVISION shall reserve the right to seek out and appoint a member to the vacant officer position.
      4. The Secretary shall also serve as Returning Officer for the annual election of officers. In the event that the Secretary is a nominee in the annual election, the President will appoint a Returning Officer from the membership.
    3. Terms of Office
      The terms of office commencing at the Annual General Meeting, for the Officers of the DIVISION shall be:
      1. President-Elect: One year
      2. President: Two years
      3. Past-President: One year
      4. Secretary/Treasurer: Two years
      5. Regional Representatives: Two years
    4. Report to the Association
      The names of the duly elected officers of the DIVISION shall be transmitted to the President of the ASSOCIATION forthwith.
  2. Duties of Officers
    1. The President shall be the chief elected officer of the DIVISION, shall preside at the annual meeting of the DIVISION, shall be Chairperson of and preside at meetings of the officers. The president, subject to confirmation of the other officers, shall appoint the members of all committees, except as otherwise specified in the By-laws, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President sits on the Board of Directors of the ASSOCIATION as one of the DIVISION's representatives. The President shall perform the duties customary to the office, and shall submit an annual report for distribution to the membership.
    2. The Past-President / President-Elect shall hold primary responsibility for the coordination of the Fall Business Meeting of the Officers of the DIVISION. The Past-President/President-Elect provides leadership in developing divisional projects, and also serves as the Meeting Chair for those meetings which the President cannot attend.
    3. The Secretary/Treasurer shall perform the duties customary to the office. The Secretary/Treasurer will be responsible for recording and distributing agendas for and minutes of each meeting of the DIVISION and those of its Officers. The Secretary/Treasurer serves as liaision with the Association Secretariat to ensure accuracy of divisional records and membership data. The Secretary/Treasurer shall ensure the receipt and expenditure of funds in accordance with the directives established by the Officers. The Secretary/Treasurer maintains financial records pertaining to the business of the DIVISION and prepares and annual statement of income and expenses for presentation and distribution at the Annual Meeting. The Secretary/Treasurer also prepares the annual budget, and administers all awards and grants issued by the DIVISION.
    4. The Regional Representative shall serve on the Executive Committee of the DIVISION as prescribed by the By-laws of the DIVISION and maintain liaison between regional membership and the Executive. They shall promote membership and identify or represent the needs of members. Where applicable, they will serve on CACUSS, regional or provincial conferences and workshops and will promote the involvement of others in same. They will submit regional updates to each of the divisional newsletters (and, when appropriate, Communiqué) and encourage submissions by others. The Regional Representative will also provide leadership in the region for the coordination and presentation of one regional professional development activity per year on behalf of the DIVISION.
    5. None of the elected officers of the DIVISION shall receive any compensation for their services as such to the DIVISION. The necessary expenses of the DIVISION may be paid from the funds of the DIVISIONS under the policies established by the officers for such payments.
    6. The DIVISION shall transmit a written annual report to the President of the ASSOCIATION.


  1. Annual Meeting
    The DIVISION shall hold an annual meeting at the time and place fixed by the officers, who shall give written notice thereof to the membership not less than thirty days prior to the time so fixed. The President (or his/her appointed designate) shall preside at the annual meeting. The annual meeting will normally be held during or immediately prior to the annual conference of the ASSOCIATION and, as much as possible, complement the annual meetings of other related organizations.
  2. Quorum
    Quorum at any annual meeting shall consist of at least 25% of the membership in good standing.


  1. Fiscal Year
    The Fiscal Year of the DIVISION shall be the same as the ASSOCIATION, which is established by the Board of Directors.
  2. Control and Management
    All property of the DIVISION shall be subject to the control and management of the officers.
  3. Use of Funds
    No appropriation of DIVISION funds shall be made without the approval of the officers.
  4. Head Office
    Until the establishment of a permanent secretariat, the head office and mailing address of the DIVISION shall be determined by the officers.


  1. Nature of Committees
    All Committees and Commissions shall be established on an 'ad hoc' basis, subject to annual review and evaluation by the officers.
  2. Appointment of Committees and Commissions
    Committees and Commissions shall be appointed by the President, subject to the ratification by the officers.
  3. Committee and Commission Reports
    Each Committee or Commission shall formally report to the officers concerning its activities, accomplishments and future plans, and shall keep the officers informed at all time concerning is work.


Amendments to the DIVISION's By-laws may only be made at the annual meeting or by the officers of the DIVISION, subject to ratification at the annual meeting.


Victor Morin's Rules of Order shall prevail at all meetings, unless there is a conflict with the Constitution and/or By-laws, in such a case the Constitution and/or By-laws shall take precedence.

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