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Benefits of membership in CACUSS



Full members shall be those who are employed by a university, college or post-secondary technical school, and who devote a significant part of their time to working in or training others for working in the area of Student Services. Full members are entitled to nominate, and hold office. There are 2 types of Full Membership:

Join Now1.1 Institutional Full Members: An educational institution is the member of CACUSS. Each Institutional Membership entitles the college or university to list a set number of members, depending on the size of the institution. Each individual within the Institutional Membership should complete a Membership Application form and indicate their Affiliations. Associate memberships may not be included within the Institutional Membership entitlement.

Membership Fees

Full-Time Student Enrolment* Annual Institutional Fee + TAX Entitlements
Fewer than 1,000 students $471.56 + applicable tax 3
1,000 to 4,999 students $943.09 + applicable tax 6
5,000 to 9,999 students $1,886.22 + applicable tax 12
10,000 to 19,999 students $2,514.94 + applicable tax 16
20,000 students or greater $3,143.70 + applicable tax 20

Institutional Additional Members: $118.51 + applicable tax

* Includes all full-time undergraduate and graduate students

join now1.2 Full Individual Members: Individuals whose institution has not taken out an Institutional Membership.

Membership Fee: $162.19 + applicable tax per year.



join nowStudent members shall be persons who have an active interest in the area of student services and are enrolled in a recognized post-secondary institution. Student members shall not be able to vote, nominate, or hold office.

Membership Fee: $37.44 + applicable tax per year.



Associate members are affiliated with but not directly involved in the field of student services at a technical school, college, or university. Associate members may receive some but not all of the benefits of Full membership. The CACUSS Secretary-Treasurer will review all applications for Associate member status.

Associate members shall be of two categories:

join now3.1 Corporate Associate: Corporations, organizations or associations who share in the aims of CACUSS may apply to join in this category. Corporate Associates shall not be eligible to vote, nominate or hold office.

Membership Fee: $623.83 + applicable tax per year

join now3.2 Individual Associate: Persons who by virtue of their functions or interests wish to maintain or obtain membership in the Association for non-commercial purposes who cannot meet the requirements of Full Membership. Individual Associates shall not be eligible to vote, nominate or hold office.

Membership Fee: $162.19 + applicable tax per year.

Payment must accompany completed membership form. Make cheques payable to “CACUSS” and send to the .


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