CACUSS Strategic Plan

In September 2012, the CACUSS Board of Directors approved in principle the organization's long-range strategic plan.

You can download the Executive Summary and Strategic Plan highlights (2 pages) or the full document (15 pages) below.

Executive Summary and Strategic Plan Highlights

Executive Summary and 2013 Objectives

September 2012

The Board of Directors of CACUSS is proud and excited to share our vision and goals with our members and colleagues. This long-range strategic plan of the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services was developed through a process of thought-provoking conversations with members sparked by the CACUSS Identity Project, as well as deep thought and reflection on the part of the CACUSS Board.

Core Purpose

To be the leader in the development and advancement of the student affairs and services profession in Canada.

Big Audacious Goal

Lead the student affairs and services profession in Canada and be essential to the success of our members.

Vivid Description

  • CACUSS will provide members with access to leading edge, innovative knowledge and best practices in Canadian Student Affairs and Services and promote education and career development among our membership.
  • Professionals in student affairs and services in Canada will engage with CACUSS as an integral part of their professional identity and success. When people think of student affairs in Canada, they will think of CACUSS.
  • CACUSS will engage with stakeholders on priorities related to students in higher education and will be the national/international voice of Canadian student affairs and services.
  • CACUSS will be recognized as holistic and inclusive in its membership and practices, and by representing the widest diversity and interdisciplinarity in communities of professionals who engage with our association.

Goals and 2013 Selected Objectives

Goal 1 – Professional Development

CACUSS members will have access to comprehensive, robust, innovative, leading-edge learning opportunities.

In 2013, we will focus on realigning and increasing our resources to implement a comprehensive professional development plan.

Goal 2 – Research Outcomes

CACUSS will contribute to the development of a comprehensive Canadian Research strategy in Student Affairs and Services.

In 2013, our focus will be improving and aligning processes for special projects and research proposals using expanded criteria that reflect the holistic values of CACUSS.

Goal 3 – Inclusive Membership

CACUSS will provide a wide variety of avenues for meaningful member engagement in the association.

In 2013, CACUSS will aim to identify and expand our membership to include potential communities whose needs we should serve.

Goal 4 – Organizational Development

Through the development of sustainable resources and a responsive infrastructure, CACUSS will expand its capacity to serve its members.

Our objective for 2013 is to establish strong and responsible organization-wide fiscal policies that address spending, revenue generation, and priorities.

Goal 5 – Advocacy and Influence

CACUSS’ individual and collective influence will shape and advocate for change in policy, practice, and priorities for students in higher education.

We will focus in 2013 on clarifying CACUSS’ role vis à vis advocacy.

Goal 6 – Knowledge Source/Resource

CACUSS will be a relevant and reliable knowledge source and resource about Student Affairs and Services for internal and external stakeholders.

We will begin to identify, consolidate, and disseminate existing knowledge resources in 2013.

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