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Communities Overview

CACUSS is a comprehensive organization consisting of six divisions. As a member of CACUSS, you can choose a "Primary*" and a "Secondary" division, based on your interest and current position. When you choose your division, you will be eligible to receive mailings and information updates from that division, as well as participate in divisional activities (pre-conferences, awards/grant programs, volunteer and board leadership positions). You will therefore also be a "member" of that division.

*A portion of your membership fee goes to support the "primary" division that you have indicated on your membership application or renewal form. If you wish to change/update your division, you can do so by contacting .


New to CACUSS in 2011, CACUSS Communities are ways for members to connect across the country on specific knowledge or practice. The first CACUSS Community that was launched in June 2011 is the Leadership Educators and Resource Network (LEARN).

Future "communities" might include

  • International Students/Education
  • Chief Student Affairs Officers
  • Student Mental Health

If you have ideas for a CACUSS Community, or if you would like to be involved with leading the development of a Community, please email .

CACUSS Communities involve an online support, networking, and resource sharing platform and ongoing professional development will be added in the future.

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