Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Association (SCAIA)

Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Association (SCAIA) welcomes all college and university professionals who are involved in issues of academic integrity and student conduct. Our members include, but are not limited to, academic integrity officers, student judicial affairs officers, academic integrity programming coordinators, residence life professionals, disciplinary board members and advisors, hearing coordinators and student advisors.

We aim to:
  • Encourage and support professional development, communication and sharing, and ethical standards.
  • Acknowledge the educative context of student judicial affairs and academic integrity initiatives.
  • Identify current professional needs and interests of the membership.
  • Situate student judicial affairs in a wider community of college and university student affairs and services and to encourage professional exchanges with other Divisions.
  • Liaison with similar associations in the United States, including the Center for Academic Integrity (CAI) and the Association for Student Judicial Affairs (ASJA).

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