Introduction to NASSA

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to empower institutions of higher learning to become welcoming environments where Aboriginal Peoples can successfully pursue educational goals while maintaining their cultural identities.


Historically, institutions of higher learning have been unable and/or unwilling to deliver a culturally relevant educational experience for Aboriginal peoples. As a result, Aboriginal people have not typically been successful in fully participating in all levels of post-secondary education.


In the spirit of traditional forms of governance, NASSA will establish a shared leadership model through alternating co-chairs. The Membership of NASSA will form the ‘Circle of Advisors.’

Preamble to Goals and Objectives

We accept as a guiding principle the laws of human nature given to us by the Creator, specifically to listen, to share, and to respect each other.


  • To promote Aboriginal cultural awareness/participation within all areas of post-secondary institutions
  • To increase abilities of all Student Services providers to effectively respond to the needs of Aboriginal peoples
  • To develop a national network of Aboriginal post-secondary Student Service providers


  • To ensure Aboriginal presentations at CACUSS general assemblies and conferences
  • To be a resource to CACUSS and post-secondary institutions
  • To promote Aboriginal community-based consultation models
  • To encourage accessibility
  • To create awareness about Aboriginal post-secondary funding issues
  • To encourage the development of cross-cultural competency among Student Service professionals in order to better support Aboriginal students
  • To meet bi-annually (once at CACUSS)
  • To achieve provincial and regional representation
  • To establish and maintain a national membership database
  • To foster supportive relationships amongst the Membership based on mutual respect, recognition, trust, and accountability


NASSA intends to be officially ratified as a standing committee of CACUSS where we can more efficiently provide guidance to institutions of higher learning when implementing and/or developing Aboriginal support structures and responding to the growing Aboriginal constituency.

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