The CACUSS Disability Special Interest Group was officially recognized in 1996, at the CACUSS Conference at Simon Fraser University. A National Working Group was established in November 1996 to develop a disabilities stream at the CACUSS 1997 Conference in Halifax, and to build a network of service providers at Colleges and Universities across Canada. The members of the National Working Group were successful in establishing the Canadian Association of Disability Service Providers in Post-secondary Education (CADSPPE) , which held its inaugural meeting in Halifax on Wednesday, June 18, 1997. The decision to pursue Divisional status in CACUSS was identified as the primary objective of the new organization, and following a series of meetings and information exchanges with the CACUSS Executive through the 1997/1998 academic year, the members of CADSPPE approved a motion to seek Divisional status at the 1998 Annual Meeting in Ottawa. CACUSS approved the motion in principle, later that week at CACUSS 1998, and formally accepted CADSPPE as a Division at the October 1998 Executive meeting. 

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