History of NASSA

The concept of developing a national student services organization has been attempted many times before and the need is still there. A small group of Aboriginal student service providers (approximately 8) met at the CACUSS conference in New Brunswick in June, 2002 and we decided we wanted to try again. We met again in the winter with some new members to create Terms of Reference as well as strategies to become more involved with CACUSS. A few of the strategies decided upon were to spread the word through the moccasin telegraph and other means to let others know who we are and how we can become a strong network on a national level. We also decided to try and get as many presentations at the June CACUSS conference in B.C in 2003. This was very successful with 7 presentations, and over 30 Aboriginal delegates. Our first NASSA Chair, Ms. Madeleine MacIvor did an awesome job of hosting a NASSA pre-conference workshop and generally making us feel welcome at UBC. Thanks again Madeleine!

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