Introduction to CADSPPE

The Canadian Association of Disability Service Providers in Postsecondary Education is a national group of professionals who assist university and college students who have a disability. Their role is to work towards the removal of institutional barriers, both physical and attitudinal, and ensure that students receive academic and other accommodations which permit them to pursue their studies in an environment of equality.


  • To promote professional development for members.
  • To ensure that the nature of service to students with disabilities across the country develops within the framework of common objectives.
  • To lobby appropriate agencies on behalf of students with disabilities.
  • To promote ease of movement across the country, from one institution to another, for students with disabilities.
  • To benefit from the experience of colleagues and provide mutual support for problem solving.
  • To develop affiliations with groups who pursue a common purpose.
  • To encourage the development of research in the field.

The CADSPPE annual meeting is held in conjunction with the CACUSS annual conference in June of each year.


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