At the Centre of All Successful Programs is the MABEL

CACUSS 2004 Presentation - June 15, 2004
Heather Fitzgerald, University of Waterloo
Alyson Woloshyn, University of Calgary

Tired of watching your student leaders run movie nights, potlucks and other uninspiring programs? Do you constantly have discussions with your student leaders around the “appropriateness” of their programs? Are you struggling to find new creative ways to help your student leaders achieve success and impact with the programs they run? If Yes - Your institution needs the MABEL.

The MABEL is a student friendly, programming tool that will enhance the impact, effectiveness and success of your student run programming initiatives. The MABEL has improved the success of student led programming at both the University of Waterloo (Orientation Week) and University of Calgary (Residence Life ). During this session you will see examples of how students have used the MABEL tool to achieve incredible programming results for their department. This concise, easy to follow programming tool, can easily be adapted to any institution and will quickly become a great way to empower your student leaders to successfully program with purpose.

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