This is not a White Man's System - Justice Murray Sinclair

CACUSS 2004 Keynote - June 15, 2004

The Hon. Mr. Justice Murray Sinclair,
Court of Queen's Bench, Province of Manitoba
  • He is well known in Manitoba as a person of grace, generosity and humility who has an incredible commitment to work for the betterment of virtually every aspect of community life
  • He is frequently a keynote speaker to professional organizations including the Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges and the National Judicial Institute and has lectured at Cambridge University as well as at many Canadian universities.
  • He has received numerous community achievement awards, among these the National Aboriginal Achievement Award, as well as Honorary Doctorates including a Doctor of Laws honoris causa from the University of Manitoba.
  • Justice Sinclair is a role model for all of us and his distinguished achievements in scholarship and public service are an inspiration.
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