Responsibilities of CADSPPE Board Members

This document was developed to assist board members in managing their responsibilities. It is a living document that needs to be revised on a regular basis.


June: (after AGM)

  • Chair CADSPPE board meeting at CACUSS conference following AGM.
  • Confirm appointments of committee chairs (e.g. pre-conference and conference representatives, Communiqué representative).
  • Attend CACUSS board meeting during CACUSS conference.
  • Inform next year’s Conference chair of CADSPPE representative on conference planning committee.
  • Send names of CADSPPE board members to CACUSS for the web site and for CACUSS Board information.
  • Begin evaluation/discussion of current conference – what worked, any changes/improvements necessary.
  • ·Begin discussion of possible topics for conference in following year.


  • Write initial newsletter/update for CADSPPE members.
  • Ensure submissions to Communiqué are being made announcing award winners, new board members, etc.
  • Remind board members of their “to do” lists from June board meeting.
  • Arrange date and time for fall teleconference board meeting.
  • Review CADSPPE web site and identify items that need posting.


  • Send out agenda for board meeting.
  • Prepare CADSPPE report for CACUSS board meeting.
  • Review the CADSPPE goals and direction.

November/ December

  • Chair teleconference board meeting.
  • Attend CACUSS board meeting.
  • Prepare agenda for winter board meeting


  • Chair winter board meeting.
  • Encourage Board members to seek funding sponsorship for the pre-conference and Silent Auction.
  • Review Constitution and By-laws for revisions.

For CACUSS conference in following year

  • CADSPPE Board to appoint a rep to the CACUSS conference committee for following year (1.5 years hence).
  • Shared role – one rep “on-site” (easier for access issues etc.), off-site rep will share work on review of submissions, time slots, and paperwork.
  • President to inform next year’s Conference chair of CADSPPE representative on conference planning committee for following year.


  • Remind board members that they need to prepare an annual report by early May.
  • Ensure that rooms are booked prior to conference for CADSPPE board meetings.


  • Ensure that secretary-treasurer sends any motions to change by-laws to members 30 days prior to annual meeting.
  • Notify all candidates for awards of their status, by letter, and to invite them to be present at AGM for the presentation of awards by May 15th.
  • Notify the President of the college or university of the award winner of his/her by May 15th.
  • Assist President Elect in arranging for plaques to be made for outgoing board members. (Secretary-treasurer has wording for plaques).
  • Send welcome to new board members.
  • Prepare CADSPPE report for CACUSS annual report.
  • Prepare President’s report for CADSPPE annual report.
  • Compile CADSPPE annual report.
  • Prepare agenda for CADSPPE board meeting prior to CACUSS conference.
  • Send CADSPPE board members times and places of all meetings prior to and during CACUSS conference.
  • Prepare agenda for CADSPPE annual meeting.


  • Attend CACUSS board meeting prior to CACUSS conference.
  • Chair CADSPPE board meeting prior to CACUSS conference.
  • Chair CADSPPE annual meeting.

Past President

Generally, the past president assists the new president and the board as needed, chairs the nominations committee, updates the critical path of responsibilities of board members and committee chairs, and works on projects that promote the work of the membership.

June (after AGM at CACUSS conference):

  • Send thank you letters to CACUSS conference representatives, pre-conference speaker and others who have contributed to CACUSS conference.


  • Review and revise critical path for winter board meeting.
  • Write January update for CADSPPE members with focus on nominations. for awards, nominations for election to board and conference proposals.
  • Establishes a nominations Committee to assist with soliciting nominations.

Responsibilities re: Nominations Committee


  • Send out memo requesting nominations for open positions on the CADSPPE Board on CSNNet, CADSPPE listserv, CADSPPE website by February 1.
  • Send out reminder regarding nominations by February 20th.


  • Ask Regional Representatives to nominate someone if there are no nominations by March 1st.
  • Deadline for accepting nominations is March 15th.
  • If there is more than one person nominated for a position, an election must be held by secret ballot by e-mail or mail ballot using the CADSPPE membership list held by CACUSS.
  • ·Deadline to mail ballot: March 22nd


  • Deadline to receive ballots back by mail April 15th.
  • Inform president and board of results of election.


  • If there is no one nominated for a position, work with board to try to find someone and put their name forward at the AGM.


  • Present slate of officers and board members to members at AGM.
  • Accept nominations from floor for any open positions during AGM.
  • Coordinate voting procedures, ensuring eligibility to vote.

President - elect

Generally, the president elect assists the president to implement the decisions of the CADSPPE board and is the main liaison with affiliated groups.

The President-elect is also responsible for chairing the awards committee. (Responsibilities described below)

July - August

  • Make contact with external liaisons such as AHEAD and NEADS representatives.
    • NEADS president
    • NEADS Executive Director
    • AHEAD International Director
    • AHEAD president
  • Make contact with Committee Chairs, Communiqué representative for CADSPPE and Ad Hoc committee on Alternate Format.
  • Maintain contact with Communiqué rep to ensure continued submissions for the journal.

September - November

  • Write/compile update/newsletter for CADSPPE members
  • Prepare a report for the NEADS Board on the CADSPPE priorities. Ensure that CADSPPE has a presence at the NEADS conference.
  • Prepare committee reports for CADSPPE winter board meeting.

December – April

  • Duties as assigned regarding fund raising, ad hoc committees, conference planning, and membership.
  • Monitor actions of committees and report to board as necessary.
  • Prepare a report for the winter Board meeting, including updates from all Committees.
  • Consult with NEADS and AHEAD and any other agency related to CADSPPE goals. Identify ways in which NEADS and CADSPPE can work together on projects and goals.


  • Get reports from committee chairs and bring forward to June board meeting.
  • Consult with President regarding the schedule of the CACUSS conference and the CADSPPE board meetings.
  • ·Prepares Service Awards plaques for outgoing Board members who have served 1 year or more.


  • Assist President in preparing for the CADSPPE conference sessions and Board meetings.
  • Attend the CACUSS board meeting as president.

Responsibilities re: CADSPPE Awards


  • Ensure information about award winners and pictures are submitted to Communiqué and web site.
  • Submit notice of upcoming awards to Communiqué.


  • Submit notice to Communiqué requesting award nominations.


  • Request for Award nominations is announced on the CADSPPE website, CADSPPE listserv, CSNNet, CACUSS conference site, NEADS listserv.


  • Reminders re: Awards nominations on members list serve.
  • Strike Awards committee (3- 4 members plus chair) – chaired by president-elect or other as appointed. Committee to encompass CADSPPE diversity (college/university, east/west, French/English, disability.


  • Deadline for nominations to be received (no late nominations allowed) February 28th


  • Chair distributes nomination packages by March 15th.


  • Request to previous year’s Excellence in Service award winner to return large plaque.
  • Nomination packages to be reviewed and decisions made by April 15th.


  • Chair of the Awards Committee to inform CADSPPE President of the award winners by May 1st.
  • CADSPPE President to notify all candidates of their status, by letter, and to invite them to be present at AGM for the presentation of awards by May 15th.
  • CADSPPE President to notify the President of the college or university of the award winner of his/her accomplishment by May 15th.
  • Request that previous year's award winner return main plaque so new winner's name can be engraved on it.


  • Prepare plaques for winners and certificates for runner-ups. This includes: 1) Disc engraved on main CADSPPE plaque for excellence in service award winner. 2) Small keeper plaques made for excellence in service award winner and student leadership award winner. Canuck Amusements in Calgary has prepared plaques in the past and has the wording on their computer. Secretary-treasurer has wording for certificates and plaques as well. Certificates and plaques are done in language of candidate.
  • Have plaques made for outgoing board members (Award for Service). Board members who have served for at least1 year receive a plaque.
  • Presentation of awards at CADSPPE AGM during CACUSS.
    • Citation read by Chair of Awards Committee.
    • Awards presented by CADSPPE President.



  • Type up minutes from Board meetings and circulates to Board for approval.
  • Type up minutes from Annual General Meeting, which will be presented at the following AGM for approval.
  • Check with Events Management who the new CADSPPE members are and update CADSPPE newsgroup.
  • Forward names of new Board members to Events Management to update insurance policy.
  • Check with past-president on biographies of awards recipients for archiving the information.


  • Pay CACUSS conference committee for pre-conference session (room, food, captioning, ASL, French-English translation).
  • Check with CACUSS conference committee about proceeds from the pre-conference session.
  • Send minutes of Annual General Meeting for French translation once they are approved.
  • Post information about awards recipients on the web.
  • Update web page with information about new Board members
  • Transfer signing authority to new executive Board member (president-elect or president).
  • File minutes in records.


  • Take minutes at Board meetings and conference calls and circulate for approval.
  • Manage finances as expenditures arise (conference calls, special events).
  • Update financial information when all CACUSS conference expenses have been paid and registration fees received.


  • Prepare financial statements to be sent to CACUSS for audit purposes.
  • Prepare handouts for the Annual General Meeting held at CACUSS conference (minutes of previous AGM, financial statement, proposed budget).


  • Present financial report and proposed budget at AGM.
  • At end of term, sends copies of all archived documents in electronic format to next Secretary-Treasurer. Archiving CADSPPE documents is the overall responsibility of this position.
  • Revise budget based on discussions at AGM.

Regional Representatives

This primary role is to be responsible for liaison between region and CADSPPE board. This includes:

  • Representing CADSPPE at provincial disability service provider meetings,
  • Encouraging collaboration between provincial initiatives and CADSPPE,
  • Encouraging membership in CADSPPE from region,
  • Encouraging members in region to run for CADSPPE board positions,
  • Encouraging award nominations.

The regional representative will keep the board informed of activities in the region and submit information to Communiqué and the CADSPPE website regarding regional activities.

The regional representative in the region in which the annual CACUSS conference is held will act as a liaison to the CADSPPE conference representatives (responsibilities described later).


  • Prepare regional report for meetings (send out before meeting).
  • Participate in board meeting and conference calls.
  • Publicize and encourage nominations for awards from your region.
  • Inform board/conference committee of topics/speakers of interest to your region.


  • Encourage members from your region to run for election to CADSPPE board.
  • Solicit sponsors for CADSPPE events.


  • Volunteer to review CADSPPE proposals for CACUSS conference.


  • Prepare regional report for annual report.


  • Attend 2 board meetings and Annual General meeting prior to and during CACUSS conference.
  • Assist with CADSPPE activities such as the Silent Auction, pre-conference day.

CADSPPE rep/liaison to CACUSS conference committee

This is usually the regional representative in the region in which the conference is being held. A shared role – one rep “on-site” (easier for access issues etc.), off-site rep will share work on review of submissions, time slots, and paperwork has worked well for CADSPPE.


  • Start evaluating/discussing current conference – what worked, any changes/improvements necessary.
  • Think of possible presenters and topics from the region for next conference.

September to November

  • Request info on conference themes/guidelines from CACUSS conference committee. Request info from Board on target topics, guidelines.
  • Ensure call for proposals include reference to CADSPPE workshops.
  • Attend CACUSS conference committee meetings as liaison to CADSPPE Board.
  • Ensure accessible conference sites for all sessions, meetings, and social events; ensure accessible transportation for it.
  • Arrange interpreting, translation, accessible format materials for necessary sessions and meetings.
  • Work with CADSPPE board on pre-conference workshop. Send info to conference committee for inclusion in advertising and general notices/announcements.
  • Notify board of time slots for AGM; ensure rooms are booked for AGM and pre-conference workshop.


  • Request access to on-line proposals to begin reviewing CADSPPE proposals.
  • Send out notices requesting additional submissions on chosen themes to CADSPPE listserv, CSSNET, provincial networks etc.
  • Communicate with regional reps for potential facilitators, panel members in their region.
  • Ensure conference website for proposals is accessible (i.e. JAWS compatible).


  • Set up process to review submitted proposals, with input from CADSPPE board.
  • Review submitted proposals and communicate with Board.
  • Identify which proposals are from vendors and determine their validity. CACUSS/CADSPPE regulations:
    • Fee to present (can be waived if session is submitted by CADSPPE member who provides academic content)
    • Session to be listed as vendor
    • Cannot replace academic content if DS proposals are better.
  • Contact presenters, combine similar proposals if necessary, put presenters in touch, suggest panel members. Work with Board to solicit proposals to address obvious gaps in submissions.
  • Ensure conference committee communicates acceptance/refusal to CADSPPE session providers.
  • Slot the accepted workshops into schedules; decide on poster presentations.
  • Request that CADSPPE presenters have handouts in alternate formats.
  • Determine need for French translation.
  • Act as resource for special requests (i.e. dietary needs).
  • Act as resource for special activities i.e. “new professionals”, regional lunches. Act as liaison for new professionals.
  • Confirm special requests; communicate special requests to conference committee.

**Pre-Conference Workshop Responsibilities

This position, appointed by the President, rotates depending on the members of the board and the location of the conference.


  • Initial discussion of possible pre-conference topics (at first meeting of new Board).
  • Pre-conference committee appointed by Board includes at least one Board member.


  • Pre-conference committee meets.
  • Ask Board for input on ideas for titles, fees, panel members, and speakers.
  • Determine whether using host university services or other.
  • Request sample budget from previous year. Include costs of interpreters, French translation, alternate format materials, catering costs, travel expenses and honorariums, room rental fees, AV costs.
  • Determine pre-conference fees; communicate with other divisions.
  • Prepare a draft budget for expenses and registration fees.
  • Send draft announcement, draft budget to Board for discussion and input.
  • Prepare proposal for winter Board meeting and present for discussion.


  • Make final arrangements with pre-conference speakers. Send letter confirming honorariums, expenses, time and dates, expectations of alternate materials etc.
  • Get draft blurb from pre-conference speaker to include with advertising. Should include title, brief summary of session, names/titles of presenters or panel members, bios etc.
  • Arrange for French translation.
  • Arrange for posting on CACUSS website and other advertising.
  • Find panel members, students if necessary.


  • Decide on case studies, if any.
  • Request Board volunteers for production of Braille, large print or other alternate format.
  • Send for French translation.
  • Finalize catering choices, i.e. breaks, lunch.
  • Get up to date numbers of participants from conference committee.


  • Get weekly update of numbers of participants.
  • Food orders finalized.
  • Tables for vendors as requested.
  • Confirm speaker has alternate format handouts, or send by end of May.
  • Arrange AV requirements.
  • Invite speaker to lunch/dinner with Board.
  • Buy gifts for speakers and panel.
  • Confirm travel arrangements if necessary for speaker.
  • Arrange introduction and thank-you speeches.
  • Send Secretary-Treasurer information about payments, billing, invoices etc.
  • Check with conference committee for any last minute special requests. Confirm arrangements.


  • Ensure on-site arrangement for accessibility, registration, and microphone if needed.
  • Meet speakers and arrange for the president to introduce the speaker.

Silent Auction Critical Path

Chair appointed by President.

June (after CACUSS conference)

  • Ensure that thank you letters are written to major donors following conference.
  • Work with Secretary Treasurer to finalize amount made in Silent Auction.

November - January

  • Review ideas for Silent Auction at Board Meeting (funding, donors).
  • Encourage Board members to solicit donations from vendors in the province where the conference will be held as well as donations of small items from CADSPPE members.


  • Write an article for Communiqué requesting donations for the Silent Auction.
  • Ask Regional Board members to advertise Silent Auction with the provincial groups.


  • Request 3 – 4 tables for Silent Auction from Conference Committee. There is a fee for this, which will need to be covered through the proceeds.
  • Send out the CADSPPE Silent Auction donation form to the listserv so that people can fill it out and e-mail back to coordinator.
  • Arrange for a local shipping address for people who want to ship items for the auction.


  • Solicit several volunteers to supervise the Silent Auction table, assist with set-up, and dealing with the forms.


  • Make 75 copies of the silent auction form to use on site. Arrange for a stack of pens for the table to facilitate bidding.
  • Gather items from Board members and attendees at pre-conference session.
  • Set up Silent Auction table, ensuring visual ease in looking at the items, add pricing when price is missing, and supervise the bidding.
  • Put announcements of Silent Auction into daily notice.
  • Announce Silent Auction during exhibit hall times.
  • Ensure security of all items during the exhibit hall times.
  • Arrange for a payment process on site (cash, check, etc). Work out a plan to store cash and checks with Secretary Treasurer as people pay up.
  • Report to Board on the proceeds of the Silent Auction.


July - August

  • Work with Secretary-treasurer to update new Board information on the web site.
  • Send instructions on how to post notices to key board members so that can post their own updates.
  • Work with the Secretary-treasurer to update the Constitution and By-laws as required following the AGM.
  • Ensure new CADSPPE members are added to the list regularly.
  • Consults with CACUSS web master on issues and changes.

September - June

  • Work with CACUSS Web master to resolve access issues.
  • Request Board members to submit articles, links, and update information for the Web site.
  • Think of ideas on how to keep the CADSPPE website updated and current.

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