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CACUSS publishes Communiqué, a professional magazine for student services professionals. More Information.

The Mission of Student Services

June 1989: The primary purpose of Student Services is to develop programs and provide services which support and promote student-centered education. Student Services professionals have expertise in... More Information

Focus Group on Alternate Format

More information

Critical Path

More information

Accessible Event Planning A checklist

More information

Working with Aboriginal Students A guide to begin the process of respectful and honest dialogue:

Advice for working with Aboriginal students. More information.

Towards Developing Professional Standards of Service

A Report on Support for Students with Disabilities in Postsecondary Education in Canada: A CADSPPE discussion paper. More information.

CACUSS Position Papers

"The Mission of Student Services" and "The Undergraduate Learning Environment: Challenges and Opportunities". More information.

CACUSS Monographs

Six monographs are available to members at no cost. If you are a member please click here to access the monographs. If you are not a member, please fill out this order form

Other Publications

"Institutional Guidelines for Reviews of Student Services" and "Compendium of CACUSS Special Projects from 1990-1997." More information.

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