CUCCA Award of Merit

The CUCCA Award of Merit publicly recognizes and expresses gratitude to individuals and organizations who have made a significant contribution to the members of CUCCA and/ or the organization’s goals.  This award is available to members of CUCCA and non-members.


  • The individual or organization will have been considered to have made a significant contribution(s) to the furtherance of CUCCA by at least two members who agree to put forth the nomination
  • The contribution(s) can be in one, some, or all of the following areas: the provision of services (e.g. research, teaching, and/ or supervision), the donation of materials, the sponsorship of events, or other contributions that benefit the membership and/ or the organization’s goals.


  • The President-Elect/ Past-President will announce the availability of this award to all members via email communication in February.  The deadline for submissions is April 1st.
  • Nominations should be directed to teh President-Elect/ Past-President who will bring the nominations to the CUCCA Executive for discussion.
  • Nominations must contain a letter which outlines the reasons the award should be considered and must be endorsed by at least two current CUCCA members in good standing.
  • The selection of recipients for the Award will be made by the Executive.
  • The names of the recipients will be announced at the CUCCA Annual General Meeting in June, after prior notice is given to the recipients.
  • The recipient’s name, and a brief outline of their contribution, will be published in Communiqué. 
  • Successful nominees will receive a certificate of recognition and a letter to the individual’s or centre’s administration.

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