CUCCA Project Grant Award

Purpose: A minimum of one award is available on an annual basis to support innovations in both counselling or applied research conducted in counselling settings. One award is available in counselling and another in applied research.

Description: Proposals may include the following costs: contributions to salaries, operating expenses, purchase of equipment or materials, travel costs, or any other expenses directly related to a specific program or research project focusing on counselling service delivery.

Conditions of Acceptance:

  1. Projects will be completed over the course of one academic year following receipt of the funds in June.
  2. A one page typed summary report will be submitted to the CUCCA executive for general distribution to the CUCCA membership, by May of the year following the award.
  3. A short description of the project will be submitted to the CUCCA Executive for publication in the CACUSS Communiqué and/or the CUCCA Coast-to-Coast newsletter.
  4. Recipients present the results of their project at the June CACUSS Conference, the year following the award.
  5. Any official documents or reports about the project should acknowledge the Professional Development Award granted by CUCCA.

Eligibility: Applicants must be current CUCCA members. Any CUCCA member may apply more than once for the Project Grant Award; Eligibility for previous winners is based on the completion of ALL Conditions of Acceptance for previous awards.

Deadline: April 1st of the calendar year

The successful applicant will be notified in writing.

Official presentations will be made at the CUCCA Annual General Meeting in June. Cheques will be mailed to the Counselling Department of the recipient’s institution, accompanied by a formal letter to the counselling director and the institution’s President/CEO.

Evaluation Process:

A blind review of applications will be conducted by a CUCCA Awards Committee, which will include the CUCCA Past President or President Elect and two external CUCCA members. Proposals will receive a blind review and therefore should not contain reference to the applicant or to his/her institution. Each proposal will be reviewed in light of its potential contribution to post-secondary students and/or staff and overall relevance to counselling. Each proposal should provide a clear and well- formulated summary of the following areas: the rationale for the study/project, a critical review of the literature, ethical considerations, proposed budget, time frame for the completion of the project, and the resources/facilities available to support the project. Applicants must indicate the status of their CACUSS membership in their cover letter.

Research proposals must highlight methodology and data analysis. Program proposals must highlight program format and specific plans for program evaluation.

CUCCA encourages application from all qualified applicants, including women, aboriginal people, visible minorities and people with disabilities.

Application Form

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