CUCCA Travel Subsidy

CUCCA offers a travel cost-sharing benefit to subsidize significant transportation costs incurred by CUCCA members who attend CUCCA or CACUSS sponsored professional development activities, excepting the national CACUSS conference normally held in June. This travel subsidy exists to support CUCCA members who wish to attend these events but are challenged by limited financial resources. This subsidy is viewed as a vital member service and is consistent with the professional development mandate of CUCCA.


The applicant must be a current member or student member of CUCCA to apply.


  1. The subsidy will apply to transportation costs (by the most reasonable method) to a regional activity to a maximum of 50% of the total cost or $250.00 – whichever is the lowest amount. The intention of the subsidy is as a cost-sharing benefit.
  2. Subsidies can be applied for prior to or following participation at a professional development activity sponsored by CUCCA or CACUSS – excepting the national conference.
  3. The professional development activity must be a CUCCA or CACUSS sponsored event.
  4. Subsidies will be considered upon submission of receipts – all relevant receipts (including a copy of the registration paid) must be mailed no later than two weeks after the event.
  5. The minimum travel distance (total round trip) needed to qualify for the subsidy is 200 kilometers.
  6. The total pool of money in any given year is $250.00 per region as identified by CUCCA (the five regions are Western, Prairie, Ontario, Quebec and Eastern) and will be distributed on a “first come - first serve” basis.
  7. Applications should be submitted using email to the President-Elect or Past-President of CUCCA (please check our webpage for identification information).

Evaluation Process

A blind review of applications will be conducted by a subcommittee comprised of three CUCCA executive Board members, as selected by the CUCCA President-Elect or Past-President. The President-Elect or Past-President of CUCCA will inform the applicant of the subcommittee’s decision.

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