About Us

About Us

Who Are We?

CACUSS is a professional association representing and serving those individuals who work in Canadian post-secondary institutions in student affairs and services. 

While it has existed in its present form since 1971, the origins of this association derive from the University Advisory Services (1946) and, more recently, the University Counselling and Placement Association (UCPA) and the Canadian Association of University Student Personnel Services (CAUSPS).

Since 1973, CACUSS has provided professional development services and programs for members in all the Canadian provinces. Cross-divisional interest groups called communities of practice and networks were formed by members in 2015 based on their professional needs, focusing on areas such as student health and wellness, first-year students, new professionals, and leadership education.

An archive of historical documents of CACUSS and its founding organizations exists at Memorial University of Newfoundland. You can find information about the archives here.

What Does CACUSS Do?

  • Sponsors an Annual Conference and Regional Workshops, which focus on topics of interest to CACUSS's diverse members.
  • Publishes Communiqué, a professional magazine for student services professionals.
  • Provides special project grants to promote new programs and research activities and supports the publication of monographs on special projects.
  • Provides resources to assist members with the organization and management of student affairs/services on their campus such as "Institutional Guidelines for Reviews of Student Affairs."
  • Provides advocacy and assistance on issues that affect the quality of student life on Canadian university and college campuses.
  • Recognizes excellence and professional commitment of individual members through recognition and awards.

How Does a Person or an Institution Join?

CACUSS offers Institutional, Individual, and Corporate/Partner memberships. Categories of membership include Full, Associate, and Student. 

Membership information is available here.

Contact CACUSS

For additional information about the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services, explore the website or contact us via contact@cacuss.ca.

About Us