Big Ideas

BIG IDEAS: Powered by PechaKucha


Big Ideas is powered by Pecha Kucha, a unique presentation format during which the speaker’s 20 slides auto-advance every 20 seconds, for a total length of just under seven minutes. This creates a dynamic presentation that explores different aspects of the conference theme in an innovative way from a variety of voices within the Canadian student affairs profession. The Pecha Kucha presentation style is best used when presenting a story, idea, problem, or topic in an efficient and effective manner.

This is similar to the 10MT: Ten Minute Topics, Registrarial Style session from the 2016 ARUCC National Conference.

Some resources that you may find helpful include: - How to Create Slides - Frequently Asked Questions

An example of a great Pecha Kucha presentation comes from Ryerson University’s Lesley D’Souza:

“The path to change is forged with empathy, and we build empathy through stories. Lesley talks about how we can solve our biggest problems by tapping into our ability to share and absorb stories.”

Watch Lesley’s dynamic 2016 ACPA Pecha Kucha presentation.

Powered by PechaKucha