Social Excursions

These excursions are offered at an additional fee for attendees.  

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Sunday, June 11

Gatineau Park Interpretation Tour

2:00PM - 4:00PM / $20.00

Gatineau Park

This step-on, guided bus tour will take place on the parkway network in the southern sector of Gatineau Park. This is an historical and natural interpretation tour, addressing the biodiversity and conservation of the park. Stops may include the authentic Mackenzie-King Estate for a visit of Moorside and its gardens and Champlain lookout (dependent on time).  The bus will pick up attendees at the Shaw Centre, take them for the tour and return attendees back to the Shaw Centre at the end of the afternoon.  Please wear comfortable walking shoes, bring a water bottle, a hat and a jacket if necessary. 


  CROWD – We anticipate that 20-30 people will attend this event.

  SOUND/LIGHTING – This guided tour will involve a bus speaker system, the gentle hum of fellow delegate tourists, and the buzz of the outdoors when outside. The tour will take place during the afternoon so natural light will be prominent. Fluorescent lighting is present in the facilities at the Mackenzie-King Estate (not inside Moorside Cottage itself, but in the washrooms available at that site).

  SPACE/QUIET SPACE – The tour will pick delegates up at the SHAW Centre at 2PM and will make two separate stops in Gatineau Park before a drop-off back at the SHAW Centre at 4PM. On the bus, the guide will discuss the different features, landmarks, significance, and preservation plans of the sites along the way. At the stops there will be chance to find quiet space outside away from the group.

  LANGUAGE – The tour will be spoken in English, and in French upon request.

  ALCOHOL/BEVERAGES – Alcohol is unavailable for purchase at all venues visited during the tour.

  FOOD/SERVICE – Snacks & beverages can be purchased during the 30-minute visit to the Mackenzie-King Estate. At the estate, the Mackenzie King Tearoom sells and serves light snacks and refreshments with the option of sit-down service. The tour group will be given 30 minutes to explore the grounds and, if visiting the tearoom, encouraged to be mindful of time.

  RESTROOMS – At the Mackenzie-King Estate there are gendered washrooms that are wheelchair accessible. Here is a link to the site map:   

  ELEVATORS/STAIRS – There are no elevators on this tour.

  TRANSPORTATION/TERRAIN (walking, additional requirements, etc.) – The tour is accessible to those using assistive devices such as wheelchairs. The Mackenzie-King Estate offers accessibility to the guest cottage, garages, movies, Abbey Ruins, tea room, and snack bar. Most garden pathways at the Mackenzie King Estate are accessible by wheelchair. For more information on the accessible bus hired for the tour, please contact

  ATTENDANT CARE – Attendants will not be pre-booked for this tour. Should you wish to use an attendant, fee-for-service care can be arranged by contacting prior to the event.

Monday, June 12

Ottawa Boat Cruise *Not wheelchair-accessible​

7:00PM - 9:00PM / $50.00

Boat Cruise

Mingle with your fellow colleagues and hop aboard the Ottawa River Queen (refurbished in the style of an early 19th century paddle steamer).  Sail down the Ottawa River on a scenic tour of Canada's Capital Region with an assortment of appetizers and fun with a DJ accompaniment.  Tour past Parliament Hill, Canadian Museum of Nature, Rideau Falls, and more!

Transportation from the Shaw Centre is included.


  CROWD – We anticipate that 50-100 people will attend this event.

  SOUND/LIGHTING – A DJ using a commercial speaker system will mix music throughout the evening, providing an upbeat and social atmosphere for delegates to mingle and dance, if one feels so inclined! Since the tour is from 7-9PM and the sun is scheduled to set at 8:51PM, lighting outside will become dimmer over the course of the evening. There is soft lighting at every post inside the Ottawa River Queen, as well as on the dancefloor.

  SPACE/QUIET SPACE – Unfortunately, the Ottawa River Queen is not wheelchair-accessible.  There is a small VIP room on the Ottawa River Queen for those who wish to escape the noise.

  LANGUAGE – The cruise is a casual excursion where delegates are encouraged to mingle while taking in the sites. There will be no instructional guide as part of the cruise.

  ALCOHOL/BEVERAGES – This venue will have cash bars on both levels serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

  FOOD/SERVICE – Appetizers are included and will be served buffet-style throughout the evening. Boat tourists should plan to eat a later dinner once the cruise has finished. The menu will be shared with attendees late spring 2017. In advance of the event, please email to notify the CACUSS team of any dietary concerns. Table and bar service is available on both levels of the boat.

  RESTROOMS – There are restrooms located on both levels of the boat.

  ELEVATORS/STAIRS – There are no elevators on the Ottawa River Queen. Two sets of stairs will take delegates from one floor to the other.

  TRANSPORTATION/TERRAIN (walking, additional requirements, etc.) – The departure dock is on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River over the Alexandra Bridge. The dock is 2.5 km from the SHAW Centre.


Tuesday, June 13

Brew Donkey Tour - Sold Out

7:00PM - 9:00PM / $50.00

New Brewery

This Brew Donkey tour will be a unique opportunity for you to learn about the craft beer scene in Ottawa and to build your knowledge of the up-and-coming local suppliers who produce key beer ingredients. Brasseurs du Temps is located in a beautiful historical building, a landmark in the Outaouais region. The restaurant features a 200-metre heritage museum that tells the story of the region’s rich brewing history.

This tour includes pick-up and drop-off from the Shaw Centre and transportation to the Brew Pub, a delicious artisan donut, as well as, a guided Brasseurs du Temps brewery tour, which will include a variety of samples of their latest brews.

Souvenir alert: Brasseurs du Temps also has a small shop that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. To learn more, visit


  CROWD – We anticipate that 30 people will attend this tour.

  SOUND/LIGHTING – The venue has standard restaurant lighting and the patio receives evening sun. Music plays at a decibel that allows for guests to talk and hear themselves as well as others.

  SPACE/QUIET SPACE – The brewery tour consists of a 200-metre museum, with part of the museum being a ramp. The meal portion of the tour will take place in the upstairs Brewmaster’s Room, which holds up to 120 people. There is an outdoor space with a capacity of 50 people.

  LANGUAGE – The guided tour will be provided in English and, upon request, French. The restaurant service will be in both English and French.

  ALCOHOL/BEVERAGES – There will be alcohol served as part of the Brew Donkey Tour. Any alcoholic beverages outside of the tour will be an additional cost to participants.

  FOOD/SERVICE – Upon boarding the bus, an artisan donut from Suzy Q’s will be served to each tourist; the donut is included in the cost of the tour and it does contain gluten. There will be food available at this event; however, it is not included in the tour cost. Vegetarian and vegan options are available but limited (i.e., mushroom flatbread, penne a la bierschnapps, salads, etc.). For the restaurant’s full menu, visit: There will be both table and bar service available.

  RESTROOMS – Restrooms are located on the main level of the site and are wheelchair-accessible.

  ELEVATORS/STAIRS – The ramp, which connects the upper and lower levels of the brewery, also doubles as a part of the museum. An attendee using a manual wheelchair may wish to consider using assistance.

  TRANSPORTATION/TERRAIN (walking, additional requirements, etc.) – A chartered bus will take registered attendees from the Shaw Centre to the Brewery Tour. There is also accessible parking for those who wish to go separately. The event is also accessible by OC Transpo.

  ATTENDANT CARE – Attendants will not be pre-booked for this tour. Should you wish to use an attendant, fee-for-service care can be arranged by contacting prior to the event. 

Wednesday, June 14

CACUSS Closing Banquet (Shaw Centre, Ottawa)

6:30pm / $75.00

The CACUSS Closing Banquet is an annual event held on the final night of the conference. It features food, entertainment and festivities to celebrate the year and the end of a successful annual conference.


  CROWD – We anticipate that 800 people will be attending the closing banquet.

  SOUND/LIGHTING – Canada Hall features sound dampening materials and wall panels to reduce the echoing that causes difficulties for those who are hard of hearing. Commercial speaker system will be used for presentations and, later in the evening, a DJ. At its brightest, the hall will be lit by bright, fluorescent lights.

  SPACE/QUIET SPACE – The Shaw Centre offers 192,000 square feet of space. There are multiple meeting rooms on the first and second levels that, when not in use, may provide quiet space. Room 101 on the Shaw Centre ground floor is reserved as our Multi-Faith Prayer Room. This space will be open to all attendees for use between 7AM and 5PM for the duration of the conference. Room 102 is also available as a dedicated silent room for those needing to gather their energy in a low stimulation environment.

  LANGUAGE – Way-finding and programming signage as well as service at the closing ceremony will be in English.

  ALCOHOL/BEVERAGES – Alcohol will be served at this event. A cash bar will be set up inside the event space.

  FOOD/SERVICE – The menu will offer vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free options. Please note that the Shaw Centre kitchen does have traces of nuts. Please look at the conference website for an updated menu. For life-threatening allergies, please email in advance of the conference to notify the CACUSS team. Dinner will be plated service.  Tables will be reserved on a first come, first served basis with the registration team starting Saturday June 10 at 12:00PM, second level of the Shaw Centre.

  RESTROOMS – There are gender-neutral washrooms located on the second and third floor of this venue, next to the main washrooms. There is wheelchair access to washrooms on each floor.

  ELEVATORS/STAIRS – There are elevators and escalators accessible in the Colonel By Foyer (Level 1). There are two outdoor stairwells located on the north and west sides of the building. Next to the parking entrance on the east side of the Shaw Centre is another stairwell. An emergency stairwell is located directly next to the elevators in the lobby.

  TRANSPORTATION/TERRAIN (walking, additional requirements, etc.) – This venue is accessible by OC Transpo (exit at the Rideau Shopping Centre or Mackenzie King Bridge stops) and is within walking distance of multiple hotels located in downtown Ottawa. There is a ramp available on the first level that accesses all floors of the building. To ensure way finding for persons with visual impairments, there are Tactile Walking Surface Indicators (TWSI) in the exterior plaza that lead to the entrance from the crosswalks and in the main interior lobby leading to the directory.

  ATTENDANT CARE – If there is a possibility that you will wish to use attendant service, please email in advance of the conference to notify the CACUSS team. Support persons are welcome and service animals are allowed in all areas of the Shaw Centre open to the public.

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