Learn-Unite-Act: An Iceberg to Explore. 

The "C" in CACUSS referencing colleges is often absent in our professional (dare we say "privileged" university) dialogue. 

Interestingly, college education, with little to no endowments or research money, is truly about transforming conditions for students - who are clearly the primary stakeholders of the institution. By providing diverse pathways to education and learning directly connected to work, colleges enable students to meaningfully contribute to the economy while earning a living. 

However, because students begin their educational journey within a  professional community, they also learn the importance of connection and relationships - not only within a profession, but also as part of a global community.  

As a professional community there are important learning parallels from the college system for our professional dialogue:

  • We have to continue to LEARN, particularly outside of our dominant paradigms (majoritized identities, as settlers, university-centric perspectives, to name a few);
  • We need to UNITE as a professional community to explore, be uncomfortable through challenge, and be supported to transform; and 
  • We are called to ACT within our profession to create conditions for students to develop their global self and create a more just society through their actions.  

This is the depth of the iceberg beneath the simple tip of Learn-Unite-Act.

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