Appel de séances Grandes idées : Présentations Pecha Kucha



BIG IDEAS: Powered by PechaKucha

The Big Ideas session is powered by PechaKucha, a unique presentation format during which the speaker’s 20 slides auto-advance every 20 seconds, for a total length of just under seven minutes. This creates a dynamic presentation that explores different aspects of the conference theme in an innovative way from a variety of voices within the Canadian student affairs profession. The PechaKucha presentation style is best used when presenting a story, idea, problem, or topic in an efficient and highly visual manner.

Big Ideas Powered by PechaKucha will open Day Two of the conference on Tuesday, June 2. By scheduling Big Ideas outside of the Concurrent Sessions, all conference delegates will have the opportunity to hear from presenters in our diverse membership. These individuals will represent a wide breadth of institutions across Canada and will share their stories by using this unique platform to present their ideas, challenges, and lived experiences.

To improve accessibility, CACUSS will adjust the timing of the slides to auto-advance every 25 seconds (instead of 20):

  • 20 seconds is allotted to sharing your story
  • 5 seconds is allotted to describing the image on the slide
  • Total presentation time: less than 8.5 minutes!

The PechaKucha format is a great opportunity for all levels of leadership to share their stories. Do you know a student leader, staff member, or senior student affairs official with a unique story to tell? Encourage them to apply!

Presenting in front of a packed conference hall can be intimidating, but CACUSS delegates want to see you succeed on that stage. In fact, 77% of CACUSS 2019 delegates that attended Big Ideas Powered by PechaKucha found the experience very or extremely valuable. You can make a meaningful impact on the conference in only 8.5 minutes with your own Big Idea.

An example of a well-executed, impactful, and accessible PechaKucha presentation comes from Centennial College’s Weston Eckert, who presented at CACUSS 2019’s Big Ideas Powered by PechaKucha. Watch his presentation HERE! 

Make sure to DOWNLOAD the Big Ideas Powered by Pecha Kucha Rubric as you plan your submission 

Resources for Creating PechaKucha Presentations {Also Available for download HERE}

Tips for Big Ideas Presenters

  1. PechaKucha is best presented with image-only slides. Considering principles of universal design, it’s important that slides feature visuals that can be fully described to the audience. Alt text for images should also be included.
  2. Practicing your PechaKucha presentation can help you articulate your slides clearly and concisely. Try to stay within 60 words per slide. This isn’t a challenge to fit as many words into 20 seconds as possible!
  3. Slides must be submitted in Microsoft PowerPoint format.
  4. You don’t have to track your time or automatically time your slides – conference organizers will do this for you! They’ll also assemble a document describing your slides and offer it to any attendee who requests it in advance.


Powered by PechaKucha