CACUSS places tremendous value in the commitment of each and every person who chooses to donate their time to the many volunteer roles that contribute to CACUSS’s success.

With the complexity that comes with organizing a conference of this level, we place a huge reliance on volunteer support. Throughout the conference there are several volunteer positions available. Below is a list of what kind of roles are available and the specific details of each.


Ambassadors of the Conference

Volunteers are essentially ambassador roles, acting as extensions of CACUSS Central and Mount Royal University and we expect professionalism and courteous behavior at all times.   Volunteers will play a number of roles. Volunteers will be responsible for roles that are taking place at the conference centre, such as: speaking assistant, lunch supervision, and the nutrition break/exhibitor team. Those assigned ‘floater’ will have a slightly different role in that they will be assisting with various roles throughout the conference, whether that be at the convention centre or around Calgary. As well as assisting with conference roles, they will be required to help with various social activities that are taking place outside of the conference. Floating ambassadors can expect to be part of various teams: the welcome reception team, karaoke team, and the closing reception team.

  1.     Presenter’s Assistant

These volunteers will be in the rooms with the speakers, introducing them, working with members of our audio-visual team in case of tech issues, and providing concluding remarks at the end of the sessions. Once the speaker has been introduced, this volunteer will remain close to the door to monitor traffic flow, assist with seating, open/shut the door in case anyone needs to leave during the session to use the washroom, get water, etc.

  1.     Nutrition Break / Plenary / Poster / Exhibitor showcase Team:

Based in the convention centre, volunteers on this team are to provide general guidance, direction and information to delegates and sponsors and exhibitors. You will act as liaison between the attendee, exhibitors and the convention center staff to inform of any needs that require attention and act as general ambassadors. Please assist delegates who need help grabbing a plate of food, a sponsor who needs help setting their display and general traffic flow between the buffets. Other roles may involve assistance placing signage on the tables (or wherever directed), keeping delegates out of the main ballroom until directed.

  1.     Lunch Break Team:

Based in the convention centre, volunteers on this team are to provide general guidance, direction and information to delegates and sponsors and exhibitors. You will act as liaison between the attendee, exhibitors and the convention center staff to inform of any needs that require attending to at this time and act as general ambassadors. When it comes time for lunch, your job will be to assist delegates with the buffet if they need it. Further, if anyone has specific dietary needs you will be responsible for ensuring that those individuals get the meals they need and ensuring the correct sponsor signage is prominently displayed.

  1.     Newcomers Welcoming + Welcome Reception Team:

On Sunday afternoon, these volunteers will be based at the Marriott Hotel attached to the convention centre to help welcome newcomers during mini orientation to the conference. On Sunday evening, these volunteers will be based at Fort Calgary. Volunteers on this team are available to greet and escort attendees to the welcome reception on Sunday, June 16th and assist attendees as needed.

  1.     Kara-O-CACUSS (Karaoke) Team:

Taking place at Trolley 5, this is a casual role during the evening of Monday, June 17th. Conference staff will manage most details. Your role is to welcome delegates, help take donations at the door, and assist with signage where needed. You may also get to sing a song if you like ;)

  1.       Closing Reception Team:

The closing reception takes place at the convention centre during the evening of Wednesday, June 19th to celebrate a successful conference. Your role is again, a little more casual and is to primarily welcome delegates. This event is for those who purchased the full conference passes only or additional tickets in advance of the reception. No passes can be purchased the night of the reception.

  1.     Floater:

As a floater, you will assist the teams above, and act as a support for presenter ambassadors managing each breakout room. A summary of your important role:

  • Float from team to team to provide assistance in anyway needed.
  • Assist with breakout session rooms in case a presenter’s assistant volunteer fails to show up for their assigned session.
  • Assist with breakout session rooms on pre-conference day, Sunday, June 16th at Mount Royal University
  • Check in periodically with the Registration Team and Access Hub Team.
  • Relieve any volunteer for break when needed.
  • Assist with delegate needs and questions if and when they arise.
  • Stuff and organize delegate bags on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Other duties as required.


Volunteer Central

Separate from conference ambassadors; those handling volunteer headquarters or “volunteer central” are leaders within the volunteer group and will be responsible for checking in/out all volunteers during shifts, providing necessary instruction and location assignment, ensuring all volunteers understand their role and that all volunteers have name badges, t-shirts and are taking necessary nutrition breaks. It is also your task to make sure that no volunteer role is unattended during shift change over and that all volunteer areas are covered as needed.

Registration Support

Individuals on this team are the official registration/welcoming team at the conference. Volunteers situated at the registration counters at Telus 110 will assist in helping pre-registered attendees pick-up their conference related materials such as name badges, lanyards, program book, conference bag, show them how to download the app and have a good working knowledge of the conference schedule to answer frequently asked questions. Conference staff are also on hand to collect outstanding payments, manage registration queries and sensitive issues.

A CACUSS Central team member (Kaitlyn) is stationed at registration at all times for escalation issues and to assist with those who’d like to register for a one day, two day or full conference or pre-conference session.

Due to the importance of the Registration Teams, those assigned this specific position will receive additional information about the registration position. It is also preferred that those interested in this role are available for each day of the conference.


If you are interested in volunteering for this year’s conference, or have any further questions about the volunteer roles above, please contact