UPEI is proud to host the CACUSS and ARUCC 2018 conference and we welcome you all to our beautiful Island, the unceded territory of the Mi’ kmaq, from June 17-20. The theme Sea Change is derived from the creation of sea glass; the sparkling jewels found along our shorelines. When considering the student experience, there are many parallels to be drawn to the process glass undergoes when becoming sea glass.  A bottle or a piece of pottery finds its way into a new environment, it begins tossing and swirling in all sorts of directions, bumping up against obstacles all the while reshaping and refining itself, becoming more resilient. Then, finally, it is delivered onto the shoreline of our beaches, a stronger, unique, one of a kind, gem.

We invite you to take a moment and think about all the areas where we can Sea Change already happening: the coming together of CACUSS and ARUCC colleagues to broaden our scope in search of best practices in delivering supports to our students; we already Sea Change in the way we are developing and implementing competencies to further define and refine our profession; and we already Sea Change in our commitment to bettering ourselves, professionally and personally, as we continue to open our hearts and our minds while being guided by the calls for action from the Truth and Reconciliation report. And most importantly, we invite you to come to our Island, to listen, to speak and to learn so that you can return to your campuses reenergized and refuelled, ready to be change agents, allowing our students, on all our campuses to Sea Change happening all around.