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Project Planner - Student Services

Full Time

Location: Prince George BC

Deadline: 2021-07-30

Posted: 2021-06-28

This position is responsible for researching, developing and recommending student success and retention projects, assessing their feasibility with respect to a values and outcomes measurement working toward the improvement of the student experience and student persistence. Recommends annual projects with appropriate project planning and project management for project execution. Responsible for defining, gathering and analyzing data and information to support evidence-based decision-making. NATURE AND SCOPE OF WORK: The Project Planner develops and plans new initiatives and conducts research and analysis on behalf of Student Services and SEM Student Success & Retention team. The project planner will work with many college stakeholders for project implementation which will require extensive planning, discussion, orientation, explanation and execution. The Project Planner is responsible for staying current with student services, and student success and retention, and be aware of educational and service divisions’ needs to define retention project requirements. The Project Planner must also stay current with overall College strategies, directions and decisions in order to provide appropriate guidance and planning for initiatives within Student Affairs and Strategic Enrolment Management. The Project Planner draws together groups of individuals, facilitating the process and working towards collaborative problem solving and decision making. The balancing of multiple projects, in a variety of different phases of development, is a foundational requirement of the position. This requires constantly changing focus, concentration and quickly making decisions when doing the day to day duties of the position. It is also necessary, on a regular basis, to be very focused for extensive periods of time when drawing together all of the gathered information and developing project plans.

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