August 16, 2017

The CACUSS Board of Directors has heard from members who are concerned about last weekend’s indignant, hateful display of racism, white supremacy, and colonialism in Charlottesville, Virginia.  We too are gravely concerned about this event, and past events with similar themes, and would like to share some of our reflections with you.

Canada is not immune to white supremacy, nor are our post-secondary campuses. We know that many of you, our racialized colleagues, feel the brunt of systemic racism on a daily basis. We know that you are likely working particularly hard this week to help impacted colleagues and students to feel safe. And we know that it is not right that you bear the weight of this work alone.

Accordingly, we strongly encourage our white colleagues to show care for our CACUSS and campus communities by taking on allyship work by challenging individual inflammatory incidents as well as addressing systemic white supremacy.

CACUSS will provide supportive environments and resources for this work. We’d like to start by inviting you to use our newly launched Community Engagement Platform as a safe forum for respectful dialogue on this topic. We will facilitate conversations on this platform to share learning, resources, new approaches and shared challenges in confronting these issues on your campuses. As you feel comfortable, we encourage you to seek out support and ideas from fellow members. We will work in the coming weeks to gather emerging practices that can help us all build competence in equity, diversity and inclusion; intercultural fluency; and Indigenous cultural awareness.

CACUSS Board of Directors