Awards Nominations and Applications Due January 15

January 2, 2020

Please consider submitting a nomination today! Nominations/applications are due January 15, 2020.

New awards include: Excellence in Inclusion and Collaborative Partnership Award.


In 2019, the Awards & Recognition Committee updated our awards program. The changes made include:

  • Revising the award categories (see below)
  • Updating deadline dates for awards

            Award Nominations due January 15, 2020*

            Conference Bursary Applications due February 15

            Life Membership Nominations due March 30

*note in future years the general award deadline will be November 30 (starting fall 2020)

  • Revising/updating current award criteria

Members can now find the rubrics pertaining to each award (coming soon). We recommend you refer to these rubrics in preparing your award nomination and supporting documentation (where applicable).

  • Proposing two NEW awards for 2019-2020

Excellence in Inclusion Award

Collaborative Partnership Award


Recognizing significant achievements, best practices in our field, and contributions to CACUSS and Student Affairs in Canada is an important role for CACUSS. It contributes to our ongoing growth, animates the story of our organization, and encourages participation and appreciation by and of our membership. 

We encourage you to apply or nominate your colleagues!


Excellence Awards

Recognition Awards