New Publication!! "Working Towards Inclusion"

August 4, 2021

CACUSS is pleased to release this new publication today. It is available for free for members and for a limited time (until October 1, 2021) also for non-members.


You can download the document by clicking here.  Please share with your colleagues!


Working Towards Inclusion: Equitable practices for hiring student staff and new professionals. Co-authored by Sania Hameed and Mary Stefanidis.


Working Towards Inclusion: Equitable practices for hiring student staff and new professionals supports higher education professionals by sharing strategies that draw upon evidence from academic sources, best practices from recruitment professionals, and recommendations from student affairs professionals well-versed in inclusive hiring. While recruitment and hiring remains the purview of institutions and departments, CACUSS believes that resources such as this one can support the development of student affairs professionals – particularly those hiring for the first time, or those without formal training in equitable hiring – by further equipping them to implement inclusive processes.  


The goal of this resource is to encourage incremental changes in practice. Given the complex nature of this topic, the scope of Working Towards Inclusion focuses specifically on best practices for hiring student staff and new professionals, and does not address the additional intricacies when hiring for leadership and executive roles, or the nuances of hiring within unionized environments. We hope that Working Towards Inclusion will enable student affairs professionals to think more critically about our roles and responsibilities when hiring, as improvements in our processes (big or small) can contribute to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in our profession.