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LECOP Council Members


  • Co-Chairs

    • Amanda Sartori, York University

    • Sarah Memme, University of Toronto

  • LECOP Historian

    • Adam Kuhn, University of Toronto

  • CCSL Liaison

    • Shannon Thibodeau, University of Guelph

  • Leadership Links Coordinators

    • Jessica Ruprecht, University of Alberta

    • Remy Marlatt, Capilano University

  • Communication Coordinators

    • Jay Rojas, University of Guelph

    • Cris Cardelus, McMaster University

  • Professional Development Coordinators

    • Cassie Anton, Ryerson University

    • Jimi Bursaw, Australia

  • Research & Special Projects Coordinators

    • Manjot Bining, University of Toronto

    • Kim Paris, Simon Fraser University


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