CACUSS Board Nominations & Committee Applications

March 2, 2020

The 2019-2020 CACUSS board has taken actions to invite members to actively engage with the elections and nominations process for the 2020-2021, and future CACUSS boards. As an organization we strive to ensure CACUSS and its members are supported in being integral to the transformation and success of the postsecondary sector in Canada. To do this, it is imperative that our board is representative of our learners at our diverse institutions across our country, and the elections and nomination process is one that explicitly welcomes all members to contribute their lived experiences to continuously improve our organization. 

The current board has asked a very strategic question as we have pondered concerns about membership inclusion that have been brought forth from our membership. This question is: “As a board, what do we NOT know?”

To answer this question, the board engaged in a self-analysis of levels of competency, and diversity of lived experiences to clearly identify what knowledge and backgrounds should be intentionally recruited to be represented on the 2020-2021 board. Our intention is to actively welcome members who can add their experiences and knowledge to the board. We recognize that to direct and create the change needed in our field, diverse perspectives on the board is crucial. 

As such, we are actively welcoming members with the following lived experiences to put forth their intention to be nominated to the board:

  • Persons who identify and/or have intersectional identities as Indigenous people, racialized people, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, people who are French-speaking, and/or fluent in languages other than English 
  • Work at a college, CEGEP, and/or technical institution
  • Work in Quebec, the Prairies, and the Atlantic provinces
  • New professionals are also encouraged to consider involvement.

In addition, persons with intermediate to advanced knowledge in the following competencies are encouraged to put forth their nomination: 

  • Intercultural fluency
  • Indigenous cultural awareness
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion 
  • Strategic planning, research & assessment

The nomination timeline and period for the board has been adjusted to allow for an active recruitment cycle, and for members interested in being involved to have the opportunity to find multiple paths to engagement with CACUSS. The deadline for nominations for the 2020-2021 Board have been extended to March 6th. For details, position descriptions and applications please visit the “Involvement Opportunities” page of our website.

Some of our members may wish to pursue other involvement opportunities as a way to contribute and/or as a pre-cursor to considering a role as a Director in future. We do strongly encourage you to consider applying for positions on the National Conference Program Committee, CACUSS Committees, and/or Community of Practice/Network co-chair roles. Deadlines and application information and committee terms of reference are available online.

As CACUSS works to ensure inclusive membership practices, it is our sincere hope that members who are currently not represented on the current board choose to become involved with CACUSS. We are here to connect, encourage, and support members in taking up this invitation and look forward to realizing an inclusive and reflective CACUSS Board in 2020 and in future.