Awards and Grants


Recognizing significant achievements, best practices in our field, and contributions to CACUSS and Student Affairs in Canada is an important role for CACUSS. It contributes to our ongoing growth, animates the story of our organization, and encourages participation and appreciation by and of our membership. CACUSS has five ways in which we recognize contributions and increase access to opportunities:

  1. Individual and Program Recognition Awards
  2. Award of Service
  3. Volunteer Recognition
  4. Conference Bursary
  5. Special Event Registration Bursaries (where applicable)



Conference Bursary applications are due February 15

All other recognition award applications are due March 19


NB: Research Grants and Special Project Grants to be put on hold in 2018 while the Research Agenda is finalized and launched.


Conference Bursary


  • Must hold CACUSS membership at time of application and membership must be current at time of annual conference

Consideration/preference will be given to members/applicants who fit some or all of the following criteria:

  • First CACUSS conference
  • Professionals who are presenting at the conference
  • Those who demonstrate financial need—i.e. are from departments or institutions with limited professional development budgets who would normally be unable to travel to the conference due to travel/geographical/or other budgetary related constraints
  • Preference will be given to individuals from underrepresented regions or institutions that have lower participation rates in CACUSS (i.e. but not limited to Quebec and/or francophone institutions, northern or other geographically isolated institutions, community colleges etc). 

Format and What to Include:

Complete and submit the attached application form below

The successful applicant will receive:

Conference registration

Travel expenses are the responsibility of the recipient or his/her institution.


Please email the completed application form to

Completed applications are due by February 15.

Applicants will be notified no later than April 1 of the results of their application. Successful bursary recipients will be recognized at the Annual General Meeting.


Conference Bursary Application