Service and Volunteer Recognition


Award of Service (updated 2017)

The CACUSS Award of Service is presented to outgoing Directors of the CACUSS Board as well as members of the Annual Conference Program Committee.

Each outgoing Director and Program Committee member will receive a framed certificate recognizing their service and contribution to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.  They will also receive a  letter acknolweding their contribution to their home instiution (supervisor and/or Vice-President).

Recognition of the President—During the transfer of the Presidency that takes place at the Annual General Meeting, the outgoing president will receive a gold pin, recognizing their leadership and service to CACUSS. The pin will be presented by the incoming President and Executive Director.


Volunteer Recognition/Contribution Citation (as of 2017)

CACUSS recognizes the significant contributions of members of our association in various volunteer roles.

This recognition is presented to volunteers who have made significant contributions to CACUSS throughout the year by participating as active members in the following ways:

  • Participation/active membership in an official CACUSS committee/working group at the end of their term
  • Co-chair/Leader of a Community of Practice at the end of their term       
  • Participation in one of the sub-committees of the Conference Program Committee at the end of their term.


These volunteers will be recognized in the following way(s):

Acknowledgement of service and recognition by name at the Annual General Meeting

A thank you note sent by the Executive Director

A gift/item/certificate (pin) presented at an appropriate time during the conference or sent with the thank you note.