CACUSS Strategic Plan (2017-2021)

The CACUSS Board of Directors updated the strategic plan in December 2018 adding our organizational commitment to Equity and Inclusion. The updated version can be found below.


Our Vision

CACUSS and its members are integral to the transformation and success of the postsecondary sector in Canada.


Vivid Description

  • CACUSS will provide members with access to leading edge, innovative knowledge and best practices in Canadian Student Affairs and Services and promote education and career development among our membership.
  • CACUSS will engage with stakeholders on priorities related to students in higher education and will be the national/international voice of Canadian Student Affairs and Services.
  • Governments, media, funders, post-secondary institutions, researchers and other associations will call on CACUSS and its members for our professional insight and expertise, seek partnerships with us for their projects, and enthusiastically support our efforts.
  • Student Affairs and Services professionals will be known for illuminating and informing a broad set of issues, working with students, faculty, and community members as boundary spanning change agents.
  • Canadian Student Affairs and Services professionals will engage with CACUSS as an integral part of their professional identity and success. When people think of Student Affairs and Services in Canada, they will think of CACUSS.


Our Core Purpose

To advance the student affairs and services profession in Canada.


Our Core Values

Integrity: operating transparently, ensuring accountability, demonstrating respect for others, functioning sustainably.

Knowledge: contributing to profession; broadening contribution to field and the body of knowledge that drives the work, utilizing evidence based decision-making. 

Learning: considering new ways of doing things, building capacity and competency, openness to diverse perspectives.

Collaboration and Consultation: including member perspectives in decision-making, ensuring national voices in our strategies, partnering to achieve goals.

Engagement and Participation: recognizing the value of grassroots, member-driven initiatives, building value in volunteer experiences, enhancing multiple ways of engaging with the profession.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility: Striving for universal design, considering the broadest participation in the Association and the profession, expanding involvement and voices of underrepresented groups.


Our Commitments

Our commitments, like our values, should be embedded in all aspects of our activities, objectives and strategies. The Board of Directors agrees that attention and resources should be committed to the following:

Indigenization: The Board of Directors commits to ensuring that our association activities appropriately include, reflect, and represent Indigenous perspectives with participation and input from Indigenous members. CACUSS is committed to understanding how our practices both as an association and on our member campuses can contribute to reconciliation and decolonization.

Health and Well-being:  The Board of Directors commits to supporting initiatives that build on the health & well-being of our campus communities, our members, our students, and our environment. This commitment reflects our intention that our activities, actions, and projects should consider how they build and support healthy living and working environments.

Equity and Inclusion:  CACUSS recognizes the dignity and worth of every person and is committed to creating an environment that is safe, accessible, inclusive and respectful of members, participants, directors, and staff. We acknowledge that our collective talents, skills and perspectives foster a culture of belonging, growth, learning, collaboration, innovation and mutual respect. With this and taking the spirit of our by-laws and the Canadian Student Affairs and Services Competency 6: “Equity, diversity and inclusion” and 4; “Indigenous Cultural Competence” we are committed to embracing diversity by fostering equity and inclusion through all facets of the organization, this includes striving to:

  • Identify and address barriers and biases that may exist within our systems or programs that impact our members or staff; we will work to create policies, protocols, programs and services that seek to mitigate or eliminate systemic barriers and promote inclusion;
  • Respect and value everyone for their contribution, celebrating peoples’ differences and providing equality of opportunity for all.

The creation of an equitable, diverse as well as inclusive community of student affairs professionals is the responsibility of every member of the organization.


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