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February 18, 2020

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Methodologies Series: Assessing 1:1 Interactions with Students


Methodologies Series Panel: Assessing 1:1 Interactions with Students

Date: Tues Feb 18th at 1pm EST


What learning moments take place in a 1-1 student interaction? Perhaps a better understanding of the student code of conduct? Or maybe identifying a new resource to support with a job search? You’ll never know unless you assess! Join the Research, Assessment and Evaluation Community of Practice as we ask SA pros to share their assessment journey, learning moments and recommendations on how you can start assessing the impactful 1-1 conversations you are already having. 



Hilary Jandricic, Co-Chair, Research, Assessment & Evaluation COP




Jordon McLinden, Manager, Student Support & Case Management

Western University



Allison Scully, Career and Student Success Advisor

Humber College



Heather Doyle, Senior Director on Retention and Director Student Academic Success

Dalhousie University



Learning outcomes:

After participating in the 1-1 Assessment Panel, SA pros will be able to:

1.     Compare and contrast 3 different ways for assessment to be used in 1-1 settings;

2.     Explain 1 way to integrate 1-1 assessment techniques into their current role;

3.     Identify 2 resources to draw upon to continue to develop assessment knowledge for 1-1 interactions;

4.     Describe 2 ways in which social justice impacts the way in which 1-1 assessment is approached.



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This webinar will take place in Adobe Connect. Upon registration, you will receive login information.
If you have questions, please e-mail contact@cacuss.ca

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