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June 10, 2020 to June 27, 2020

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Strengths Mastermind: Virtual Work Series


Strengths Mastermind: Virtual Work Series

Mastermind classes coordinate the knowledge and effort of people from many different skillsets and backgrounds to work toward a unified purpose.  The benefit of these group learning experiences is that participants challenge each other to create and implement goals, brainstorm ideas collaboratively, share information and best practices, and support each other with honesty, compassion and respect. Mastermind classes are a catalyst for personal and professional growth, exploring multiple perspectives, and supporting each other as it relates to a particular topic.  Join the Strengths Mastermind Classes to share, strategize and create plans of action to apply your unique strengths and be more successful in a virtual work setting.  

The Strengths Mastermind Classes will provide participants with an opportunity to:

  • Discuss strengths-based solutions and ideas about their role as a professional, colleague and/or supervisor in a virtual work setting;
  • Recognize and tap into the diverse knowledge, skills and perspectives of the group to better navigate the landscape of virtual work;
  • Develop a valuable professional network that can provide accountability and support in achieving their goals;
  • Use your strengths to identify opportunities to more effectively achieve virtual work with ease and energy;
  • Create strengths-based action plans that contribute to your professional growth and success working in a virtual work setting. 

Please note: Prior to the mastermind classes, participants must have completed the CliftonStrengths assessment. For participants who have not taken the assessment, an additional $20 add-on is required for registration, which includes the assessment code at a reduced rate and a 30-minute one-on-one strengths coaching session prior to the class. This coaching experience will help you better understand and apply your unique strength themes to maximize your mastermind class experience. You must "register" to receive the assessment code and coaching session. 

You can register for single sessions or the series. If you choose the series you will be given the option to choose Wednesday sessions or Saturday sessions at registration. 

  • One Class
    • $65 + HST (CACUSS members)
    • $75 +HST (non-members)
  • Series (all three classes)
    • $170 + HST (CACUSS members)
    • $200 + HST (non-members)
  • Intro to Strengths: $20
    • assessment code
    • 30 minute, 1:1 coaching session to review report

1. Being Your Best [virtual] Self (Individual):

This mastermind class is designed to provide professionals with the opportunity to come together and discuss their unique challenges and successes in working in a virtual setting. Focused on goal setting and action planning, participants will consider ways they can apply their unique Clifton Strengths themes to achieve virtual work with more ease and energy.  Participants will leave with tools and action items to help them leverage their strengths in a virtual setting and support them in their own professional development as a professional into the future.

Wednesday, June 10 (2-3:30pm EST) CLASS IS FULL!

By participating in this class, professionals will be able to:

  • Identify aspects of virtual work that bring them energy and those that are most challenging;
  • Discuss how their unique CliftonStrengths themes best show up in their virtual work setting;
  • Recognize moments in virtual work when their strengths are overused or misaligned, often causing burnout;
  • Develop goals to appropriately use their strengths to overcome virtual work challenges and set appropriate boundaries;
  • Create an action plan using strengths-based tools and resources to be more effective in their virtual work tasks.

2. Complementary and Collaborative [virtual] Partnerships (Colleague):

This mastermind class is designed to explore ways that professionals can be more collaborative in their approach to virtual work.  Recognizing that being a supportive and effective teammate looks different in a virtual space than in-person, this class offers opportunities to brainstorm and explore how individual strengths can offer a personalized framework for complementary and collaborative work.  Focused on exploring ways that strengths can inspire, motivate and mobilize teams and collaboration, participants will recognize when their strengths are in action as a virtual teammate and how to spot and recognize strengths in others.

Wednesday, June 17 (2-3:30pm EST) 

By participating in this class, professionals will be able to:

  • Discuss how they can intentionally use their strengths to develop complement partnerships with colleagues in virtual workspaces;
  • Identify how strengths support them in collaborating to complete virtual tasks more effectively;
  • Recognize when teammates get the best of them in virtual spaces and when they are challenged;
  • Develop a strengths-based action plan to spot strengths in colleagues and more positively contribute to virtual team dynamics.

3. Keeping Up [virtual] Team Morale and Avoiding Staff Burnout (Supervisor)

This mastermind class is designed to consider the unique challenges that supervisors experience in managing staff virtually. Focused on helping supervisors support staff in finding purpose, remaining motivated, and reducing burn out in a virtual work setting, participants will use a strengths-based approach to explore effective approaches to leading teams and managing staff during these difficult times. Supervisors are encouraged to come prepared with examples of virtual supervision challenges and successes to support in the development of a virtual team action plan.

Wednesday, June 24 (2-3:30pm EST) 

By participating in this class, professionals will be able to:

  • Discuss the challenges and successes that they face in managing individual staff and teams virtually;
  • Recognize ways to leverage their unique strengths as a supervisor to positively influence virtual team dynamics and success;
  • Recognize how staff members’ strengths appear in a virtual workspace and how to leverage those to help them be successful
  • Identify strategies to help staff and teams leverage strengths to find purpose and avoid burnout;
  • Create an action plan to leverage strengths as a supervisor in virtual work and better support individual staff and teams virtually.

Series Schedule

  • Individual
    • Wednesday, June 10 (2-3:30pm EST) CLASS FULL
  • Colleague
    • Wednesday, June 17 (2-3:30pm EST) 
  • Supervisor
    • Wednesday, June 24 (2-3:30pm EST) 



Sara Wills

Sara Wills works at Western University as the Manager, Integrated Learning and Assessment, researching and supporting the implementation of strengths-based practices in integrated co-curricular learning, professional development experiences, and assessment practices.  As an experienced student affairs practitioner and CliftonStrengths coach, she is passionate about supporting educators in creating strengths-based learning experiences and coaching students in exploring their own talents, career aspirations and purpose. Sara is also a Senior Consultant for Pathways Educational & Career Consulting, guiding organizations and government groups in developing a culture that shares the language of strength and leverages individual talents. Sara holds a Masters of Education from Memorial University, certifications in Career & Academic Advising, Leading Assessment, Life Coaching, and Positive Education, and has been a faculty member at various national and international learning and assessment institutes. 





Shari Walsh

Shari Walsh works at Niagara College as the Associate Director, Student Engagement, Academic Advising and Career Services. She is also a Senior Consultant for Pathways Education & Career Consulting, where she has the pleasure of supporting organizations and government groups in developing a shared understanding of a strengths based approach and leveraging their talents.  With 14 years of higher education, learning and leadership development experience Shari is passionate about working with individuals and professionals at all levels to help them explore their strengths, learn their potential and discover their path to success.
Shari holds a M.A in Student Affairs Administration from Michigan State University, certification as a Clifton Strengths coach, faculty experience within Ontario Colleges and currently serves a Director at Large on the CACUSS Board of Directors. 




  • One Class
    • $65 + HST (CACUSS members)
    • $75 +HST (non-members)
  • Series (all three classes)
    • $170 + HST (CACUSS members)
    • $200 + HST (non-members)
  • Intro to Strengths: $20
    • Assessment code provided after
    • Includes 30 minute, 1:1 coaching session to review report

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