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June 23, 2020

12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Community Conversation: CACUSS Affinity Group for Indigenous and Racialized Student Affairs Professionals


If you identify as an Indigenous or racialized student affairs professional, we are looking for your input in shaping the creation of an Affinity Group for Indigenous and Racialized Student Affairs Professionals. There has been an increase in awareness around the experiences of Indigenous and racialized student affairs professionals (see references); initiatives such as the lunches for Indigenous and racialized professionals at CACUSS19 were popularly received, and demonstrate an interest in having spaces for professionals of colour to connect. Furthermore, in the Equity-Seeking Groups Community Consultation report, 75% of respondents agreed that a separate affinity group should be formed to create space for professionals of colour. 

This affinity group would focus on increasing support and community for Indigenous and racialized student affairs professionals. It could provide a space to have discussions about race, indigeneity, equity and our responsibility in Student Affairs as a profession. Additionally, this affinity group can create opportunities for important dialogue between race and equity in the student-facing space (e.g. with the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Community of Practice) and the staff experience space. Some opportunities for the affinity group might include:

  • Hosting events to facilitate a sense of community and support for Indigenous and racialized professionals, via social gatherings and networking events (such as the Indigenous and Racialized Lunch at the Annual CACUSS Conference).
  • Creating opportunities for dialogue and reflection on the lived experience of group members.
  • Advocate for and highlight the work of Indigenous and racialized student affairs professionals in Canada
  • Encouraging group members to participate in committees and leadership roles within CACUSS, to help shape the future of the organization

To help understand how this affinity group might best serve you, join us on Tuesday June 23rd at 12PM PT / 3PM ET / 4PM AT for a conversation on how we can move forward and create spaces for Indigenous and racialized members of CACUSS. 

(As a point of clarification, an affinity group does not imply that all members have the same experience; rather, members acknowledge that a shared aspect of their identity impacts their experiences.)


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