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May 31, 2022

11:00 am - 1:00 pm

A Conversation for Indigenous, Black and Racialized Professionals: Exploring Career Success in Student Affairs


In 2021, CACUSS hosted an important conversation with Indigenous and racialized Student Affairs professionals from across the country, exploring their “shared reality… as they navigate Canadian higher education spaces” (Sutherland & Hameed, 2021).

Join us as we continue this conversation.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

8:00-10:00PT, 11:00-1:00ET

Indigenous and racialized student affairs professionals are invited to come together in dialogue to build on the themes that emerged in the 2021 panel, to authentically share our experiences, and to explore the tensions that Indigenous, Black, and Racialized professionals experience as we make our way through inherently white and colonial spaces in higher education.

In this session, we will not shy away from hard questions and complex realities. What does ‘career success’ mean as an Indigenous or racialized staff member in Student Affairs? How does success implicate us into inherently problematic structures and practices? Ultimately, how does one "make it" in higher education while remaining authentic to their values, beliefs and identity?  

Registered Conference Delegates=FREE*

All other participants=$49.00

This workshop is open to Student Affairs professionals who identify as Indigenous, Black, and/or Racialized.

Aftab Erfan will facilitate this conversation. Aftab Erfan, Ph.D., is a scholar-practitioner working in the areas of community engagement, conflict resolution, strategic planning, intercultural diversity, and leadership development for social transformation. She is currently the Chief Equity Officer at the City of Vancouver and consults to private, public and non-profit organizations as the principal of Whole Picture Thinking. The focus of her consulting work is on making the 'whole picture' of complex problems and systems visible, and offering facilitative tools for collectively thinking through complexity and contention, to illuminate innovative paths for moving forward.

* If you are registered for the 2022 CACUSS Conference this workshop is included in your conference registration fee. You should have received a code to register for this workshop. If you did not receive the code, contact conference@cacuss.ca.


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